Gardening Hand Tools A Guide To What Is Available

The world of gardening can be a very serene place to work and relax. Having a wide array of hand tools available definitely helps. Anywhere from knives to shovels the options available are vast.

The first thing in the gardening universe is to put the plant into its new home. This consists of either putting it into a pot or into the ground. In order to accomplish this task there are some tools available for use. Some new items that have been invented are called garden kneelers and create a padded surface for kneeling during the initial planting process. Some other items that are required are garden gloves and pots along with garden knives.

In the area of garden carts there are a few different models that are available. These types of tools are very helpful to have when putting all kinds of plants into the ground from trees to corn to tomato plants. With a garden cart it allows the freedom to move plants and dirt freely from spot to spot. Some of the models available today are an all-terrain landscapers wagon, a garden clean-up cart and a folding wheelbarrow. Depending on the project there is a cart for any occasion.

Let us face it weeds are everywhere and they are quite annoying. In order to effectively remove them many devices can be used. A garden weeder is a great device for this particular application. This device has a long shaft that digs down to the base of a weed root system and pries it out of the ground for permanent removal.

When it comes to trimming the brush around the yard it can be a tedious job. Some of the devices available to assist in this process are pruning shears. Another common device that can be used is a set of pruning shears. These resemble scissors in the sense that they have two blades and work like scissors. For trimming tree branches that are out of reach a set of tree pruners can be used. This style of trimmer is similar to pruning shears only these are attached to an adjustable pole for ease of access.

In the world of garden maintenance there are a couple of power tools that are very useful. One of these devices is an electric hedge trimmer. Another useful item is an electric leaf blower that can be used to quickly remove any debris from a yard. Along with the leaf blower there are a couple of shredder options available as well.

One is an electric garden chipper and the other is a electric leaf shredder.

Gardeners abound have a range of shovels and hoes that they use. A new style that has made its mark in the world is called the super shovel. This new design adds sharp teeth to the end of the traditional round design in order to penetrate root systems, rock filled soil and hard packed earth such as clay. Hoes are another effective device for removing roots from the ground. As with other instruments hoes come in a variety of models including the hula hoe and swan neck hoe. Depending on the area where the weeds are the choice of instruments will vary. With the help of gardening hand tools the task of planting and maintaining the garden has become much easier. Using the appropriate instruments will assist in keeping the area looking good. So stand back and admire a job well done. BOLA TANGKAS