Gas Water Heater Among The Ranks Of Companies Seeking To Revitalize The Rural Areas

Spread across the country, while the motorcycles, computers, water heaters (including solar energy, gas, power class), and

Air conditioning

Home appliances and other products included in the scope of subsidies to the countryside policies. From February 19 appliances to the countryside across the country to subsidize new varieties of products

Gas Water Heater

, A storage-type

Water Heater

, Computers, and the deadline for bidding getting nearer, bidding all brands have stepped up war preparations, specifically for rural areas in developing a series of consumer products, active use of the advantages and channel sales experience, try the next in February’s New Township project tender was the largest share.

2 19, is a nationwide household appliances to the countryside to subsidize new varieties of product gas water heaters, water heaters, computers, and the deadline for bidding, bid the major brands have also entered into its final stage.

Reporter learned that, just after the Spring Festival holiday, catch a ride home appliances to the countryside of water heaters and computer manufacturers began to prepare bid in full swing. Once the winning end, a new round of home appliances to the countryside campaign will launch in market competition.

Warm water heater industry ahead of the “home appliances to the countryside,” the national campaign launched less than a month, last year, the State Council issued “The State Council General Office on invigorating the flow of expanding consumer view”, clearly stated in February of this year 1, before the home appliances to the countryside from the 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to promote the country, while the motorcycles, computers, water heaters (including solar energy, gas, power class), and air conditioning products include home appliances to the countryside policy scope of subsidies. This decision not only means that farmers buy the next home appliance sales price 13% receive government subsidies, a broader, and at the same time no doubt brought to the industry, a huge New Year’s gift.

A survey, with the popularity of everyday household appliances and rising consumption level in rural areas, rural consumers when buying household appliances, on




Products such as higher awareness, purchase has become increasingly rational, computer, water heater and other products, brands, features, price and use of methods is poorly understood.

Water heater as the current policy of subsidies to be included in the scope of the only hardware products, by industry-wide attention. In line with this stimulating domestic demand policies, the China National Hardware Association in the shortest possible time through careful preparation, was held on January 11

Gas Appliance

Standard ranking of the tender will go to the countryside. Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and other government officials and 10 000 and, MACRO, Haier and other domestic gas water heater more than ten key enterprises together, on the gas water heater standards and requirements of the tender has been revised, and further analysis of the controversial content and one by one amendment.

Hardware Association executive director feldspar Monk Lan told reporters that the gas water heater products include home appliances exciting countryside activities, which is national policy to benefit farmers in the concrete embodiment of hardware products. Should also be noted that gas water heater is a relatively unique product, the change of the gas source has different requirements, requiring companies to fully take into account the functional design of the rural environment to adapt to this part of the market to produce high-quality, cost-effective products. It is understood that the standard ranking of the meeting, the participants have put forward their views from different angles and views. To reduce costs, tangible benefits to rural consumers purposes, the delegates discussed the tender removed some of the draft standard restrictive clauses and some higher costs and prices of high-end products. At the same time in the revised standards, full account of the rural market and the combination of product features gas water heater, the terms of some special adjustments and instructions.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance forecasts, financial subsidies to home appliances to the countryside this year will reach 10.4 billion, total consumption of 920 billion yuan driving, nearly 7 times the magnification of rural purchasing power. According to actual situation, all over the countryside can choose two independent appliance products, home appliances to the countryside rich in variety. In order to promote new varieties of subsidized home appliances the pace of the countryside, local governments have also issued strong policy support.

According to Beijing Municipal Bureau of person in charge, according to household survey results and the actual needs of farmers friends, water heaters and Beijing have been selected

Microwave ovens

The countryside as a commodity in independent home appliances, home appliances to the countryside two types of subsidies for all products 13% of municipal financial commitment. From this year on February 1 to January 31, 2013 4-year period, farmers can be held in Beijing resident identity card to a sales network identity appliances to the countryside to buy home appliances to the countryside designated products, prices higher than market price 13%. BOLA TANGKAS
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