Gas Water Heater Energy Efficiency Label Affixed To Open: The Record Companies Less

6 1st, according to “The People’s Republic of China to implement energy efficiency labeling of the product catalog (batch)” and the provisions of the Regulations related products in China, production, sales and imports

Gas Water Heater Products must be pasted energy-efficiency labeling. Day, reporters in Beijing to see a home appliance store, gas water heater products have all been pasted on the energy-efficiency labeling.

Third career selling for Gome vice president Wang Song in an interview that the United States and this country has been pasted gas water heater’s energy-efficiency labeling, June 1 start of more than 30 countries the U.S. system, gas water heater brands have complete the paste; Beijing

Suning Charge Small appliances Product responsible Li Qi said that starting from May 20 Suning system of gas water heater have all been pasted on the energy efficiency logo.

Million and , MACRO, to rate the mainstream gas water heater also said that the paste has been completed. According to report, 10 000 and the full line of products as early as March 25 to paste the energy-efficiency labeling.

Reporters in stores have also seen that the energy efficiency label pasted the same time, gas water heater products, prices change, the original six or seven hundred dollars of gas water heaters have been invisible, and most of more than 1000 yuan. Li Qi made a further explanation of the price: “The current average price of gas water heater is about 1,200 yuan, labeling the former is about 900 yuan, an increase of around three percent. In which an energy-efficient gas water heater price of 2,000 yuan -3 000 dollars. “

Learned, July 1, 2007, “Domestic gas instantaneous water heater limit value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating” GB20665 (hereinafter referred to as “gas water heater energy efficiency standards”) into effect. The standard gas water heater’s energy efficiency standards were clearly defined, that is divided into three categories, one the highest energy efficiency, thermal efficiency value of not less than 96%, two values of thermal efficiency of not less than 88% of the value of not less than three thermal efficiency 84%, less than 84% thermal efficiency gas water heater will not be able to continue selling. Energy-efficiency labeling the key elements is reflected in the energy efficiency rating, it would mean not reach 3 paste products will completely disappear in the market. Industry generally agreed that at least 20% of the products failed and was eliminated.

CNIS, director of energy efficiency labeling management Wangruo Hong told reporters: “The current sales of gas water heaters to complete energy-efficiency labeling of the paste should not be a problem. The problem now is to complete the record companies less, only a few.” According to product provisions of the Regulations, the record companies can not complete the first paste energy-efficiency labeling, but must be completed within 30 working days paste, or will be implemented under the new “Energy Conservation Law” to punish the provisions of section 73. Read this news article, that: “Energy efficiency labeling should be marked without marking, the product quality supervision department shall order correction, a fine more than 50,000 yuan 30,000 yuan fine.”

Wangruo Hong said the company was not completed for the record, with less time to prepare a business relationship, many companies have no experience, as well as inadequate preparation of materials, such as the completion of a written record of online filing is not complete, and some are labeling not or do not meet the standard test report. He reminded the company on July 1 must be completed for the record, or would be penalized.

In addition, the need to focus on that, at present the industry’s products to achieve a very small, from the technical point of view, can only achieve a condensing water heater energy efficiency standards, and prices are correspondingly high, many companies in order efficient products by consumers to accept the “provision of energy subsidies” approach, such as 10,000 and the purchase of consumer condensing water heater to provide 100 -400 yuan different “energy subsidies.” Experts suggest that consumers should be different according to their need to purchase energy-efficient levels of gas water heater.

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Water War with Jake Gyllenhaal