Geely Global Supply System Components To Establish A New Model – Auto Parts, Geely, The Supply

12 morning of the 8th, Geely Group, Zhejiang Limin righteous cause with South Korea Tripartite Group Cooperation Signing ceremony held in Shanghai, the official foreign tripartite cooperation agreement, which marks the auspicious Auto Parts Global supply system, the formal establishment of the new model, this model is the work of domestic Strength Geely parts enterprises with world-class companies, aiming at world-class together to create a more competitive world, products and brands to give users better performance better quality, better service, higher cost Car .

Auspicious in the previous supply system, Suppliers A purely domestic enterprises, foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures, as well as Geely shares of domestic enterprises and foreign joint venture with Geely, But this vehicle manufacturers as a link, a Chinese-funded enterprises in hand and a foreign-funded enterprises Cooperation is the first time, so set up a tripartite joint venture mode of development of three parts enterprises will bring huge benefits: foreign parts manufacturers of advanced technology, technology, management and cost Chinese parts manufacturers, labor advantage close combined, and there have been competition between the Chinese and foreign parts manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers through a go-between and the common target, forming a partnership, as the lead and joint customers, Geely also have access to technology, performance, quality, etc. with a higher level, while at the same time have a cost advantage of parts supply, users will be international cooperation in such share to more competitive cars, and automotive products such as the comprehensive technical, quality, performance, service and cost advantage.

It is the year in November Geely Group Global Procurement Business Alliance Conference held in Ningbo, the first since the results of less than 1 month will have significant results, demonstrating the rapid development to become a world-class automotive business Geely has been recognized global supplier, and such cooperation will accelerate the recognition and become a world-class auto company Geely. At that time, France’s Faurecia, Germany, China, Hella, Brose, Lenny, and Autoliv Sweden, Japan, Friends of the dozens of letters overseas reputable auto parts manufacturers to the meeting, including the Global Top 500 the number of parts manufacturers to participate in the race Geely supplier platform.

It is understood that the righteous cause of the Group are General Motors, South Korea, Hyundai Motor’s major supplier, has several years of history, is mainly engaged in automotive interior and exterior decoration of the research, design and production, cause and to become a world-class supplier of automotive interior and exterior trim goal. At the signing ceremony, Mr Cai Yichong Dayi chairman said, and Geely, cooperation is the unique benefit the people a good opportunity for the righteous cause of automobile manufacturer Geely stepped into the forefront of the world and work hard. Zhejiang Geely Group of Raymond Industrial Limited is one of the core suppliers. Geely chairman Li Shufu

delivered a warm speech, he said, the Chinese automotive industry and automotive market is a great opportunity, a great many hidden opportunities for visionary companies and entrepreneurs will be keen to found that the business opportunity, and firmly grasp, so as to achieve greater development cooperation is win-win, South Korea righteous cause of the group is far-sighted enterprise. BOLA TANGKAS