General Facts for Mexico Auto Insurance

West Coast Insurance Services is here to provide general facts about Mexican Auto Insurance and provide you with the best coverage’s available with the most competitive rates on the market today.

Mexican Auto Insurance is important when traveling into Mexico, without it your travels could end up in disaster. Although you might hear that Mexican Auto Insurance is not needed when crossing the border, that seems to be correct. Being caught without it by the Mexican Police is not good though. They are able to detain you for hours and even impound the car and the fee’s are not light. Avoiding this headache is simple. West Coast Insurance Services has trained agents via telephone to help you secure coverage for your vehicle. They have also made it easy to where you could visit their website and buy the policy via online and print out the original policy before you leave your trip. So when you cross the border you are prepared with your Mexico Auto insurance and you have peace of mind and not need to worry about being pulled over by the Mexican Police and not having the proper documents for proving you have Mexican Auto Insurance.

Please keep in mind if you go into Mexico without the proper Mexican Insurance and if you hit someone/vehicle you are liable for it. If you do not have the proper Mexican Insurance in place the Mexican police are able to detain you, it is considered illegal to drive without Mexican Insurance. When having Mexico Auto insurance an adjuster will get to the scene and help you out legally and take the report down for you and the 3rd party affected. This is why having Mexican Auto Insurance in place when traveling into Mexico is extremely important! Your trip can come to a halt and you could remain detained for a couple days with no vehicle. // can help you secure coverage for your trip to Mexico, whether it be 1 day, 1 week or a year!