General Information on Vitamins

There are many vitamins your body needs, in proper amounts, to make it function properly. Some vitamins can be given to the body through food, but there are others that food just doesn’t provide for your body. The vitamins that are found in food are actually converted into more active vitamins by your system.

Vitamins don’t instantly give you energy or make you strong. But they do help your body to utilize other nutrients properly. As an example, Thiamin or vitamin B1 helps your body break down carbohydrates, to be used as energy. Other vitamins like Riboflavin and Niacin help your body to break down fats and protein to produce the glucose your body uses for energy.

If you have specific vitamin deficiencies, you need specially formulated vitamins to give your body what it needs, without overloading it with other vitamins and supplements that it does not need. A proper vitamin manufacturer, like, makes special vitamins that include exactly what your body is lacking. Some vitamins are found in oils and fats, and they are usually called fat-soluble vitamins. These include vitamins A, E, D and K. These are not easy for your body to excrete, but are instead stored in the body. Some researchers believe that the reason people can often live without nutrients for long periods of time is due to the vitamins you store in your body.

You don’t want to have a too-high amount of some vitamins in your system, like A, K and D. They almost act on the body like drugs rather than simple vitamins. This is a good reason to purchase your vitamins from a reputable vitamin manufacturer that you know and trust. The Recommended Daily Allowance or RDA can help you to be sure you’re not taking in too much of certain vitamins.

Other vitamins your body uses are water-soluble. These are found in foods with a watery texture, and they circulate in the spaces of your body that are fluid. Your bloodstream carries them, too. These vitamins are not very likely to reach toxic levels in your body, since they will normally be excreted in your urine, if your body does not need them. Some of the more common water-soluble vitamins are B, C, folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin. They are sometimes known as energy drivers, since they help to release energy from your foods as they are broken down. Some foods lose their normal vitamin values, as they are lost during the food preparation.

When you decide to use commercial vitamins to supplement those vitamins that you are not getting enough of through your diet, be sure to select a vitamin manufacturer who sells them in dosages that will be beneficial for your body.

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