Generate A Fabulous Income With The Internet’s Best New Marketing Tool

So you’ve been looking for a great tool, that will help you generate a fast-growing source of income – not just quickly, but as consistently as possible, right? A new Network Marketing System does just that and ensures that you are capable of reaping the benefits of the most advanced, user-friendly marketing system yet.

A combination of the Internet’s most powerful tools available make this a marketing system that will be able to provide you the help you need to maximize your online portfolio. The system can then show you how to duplicate the process many, many times over.

This Network Marketing System is a solution that is simple, yet state of the art; a tool that includes:

100 Fresh Leads EVERY Week
Lead Tracking
Lead-Generating Template Websites
Step-by-Step “Getting Started” Training Guides
Online Training and Video Tutorials
Automated Follow-Up Campaigns to Stay in Touch with Your Prospects 24/7
Targeted, Unlimited, Robust E-mail Auto-Responder
Business Center “Virtual Office” Making it Easy to Manage, Sort, and Grow Your Contacts List
Funded Proposal Lead Generation Systems
Live Premiere Intensive Coaching
Live Business Presentations
Weekly Webinars Conducted by Top Team Leaders
Cutting-Edge Social Marketing Training

There will be absolutely no need to pressure your family or friends with this exciting new system, nor will you ever need to make another annoying cold call, phoning those who are most likely NOT going to buy anything from you anyway! This attraction-based system is designed to lead people right to you – people who are interested in doing business with you, people interested in joining your team!

This leading edge system is actually a personal business coach that will help you master your Internet marketing. You will quickly find that the personalized website, customized blog, coaching tailored to you, and the SEO (search engine optimization) features will contribute to you becoming a success quickly and easily.

Each of the $ 49.99 marketing systems you sell will earn you 50 points. These points are added to one of the two sides of your team. The $ 49.99 per month subscription will also add an additional 50 points every month.

The points are then split between the two teams and are added together each week to calculate the team commissions. Total points in each leg are electronically calculated, then points are divided by 200. Each multiple of 200 points on a side earns you $ 24 cash back, paid straight to you. Left over points are then added to the following week.

Your income grows and grows and can reach as much as $ 15,000 a week depending on the multiplication of each of your teams. When you’ve reached a high enough income level, you may opt to promote your business in a wide variety of other areas, or you might just want to improve your lifestyle. The choice, of course, is completely and totally up to you! You do what works for you – the money is yours, so you decide!

Whether you are an experienced Web user with years under your belt, or are brand new to the Internet, this is a system that is so cutting edge that it will help you develop and expand your business to never dreamed of proportions, allowing you to earn like never before.

Check out the website for more exciting details and find out how the system might benefit you; you may just find that a few minutes will make you a LOT of money!