GERD Foods to Avoid and to Forget

GERD foods to avoid is an important piece of knowledge that you must learn if you are planning to really control your acid reflux disease. So what are the most common GERD foods to avoid and to forget about having in your pantry, well at least just for the duration of this health issue?

Here is a listing of some of the food you should keep off your plate!

If you have GERD then it is recommended that you avoid fatty foods since these remain in the stomach for a longer period of time. Fried foods should be taken out of your diet. Since foods that are high in fat contents are off-limits, then it is suggested for you is to go for food items that are low fat. Examples of these food items include chicken, turkey, fish, and pork loin. Soy-based products are okay, and small amounts of nuts can be tolerated by the body. You can also opt for the low fat vegetarian combination. For example, try rice and beans or pasta and beans. The diet of the person with GERD may also allow for some milk (in moderation). Spicy food items and those that are spiked with chilies are not suggested.

GERD foods to avoid may also include the foods that cause discomfort in the stomach and these food items include citrus fruits and the juices from these fruits. And remember that tomatoes and anything made from tomatoes should be considered as off-limits since the high acid content can be painful.

In lieu of these foods that should be avoided, those with acid reflux disease should follow a diet plan. That diet plan should include the consumption of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables with the exemption of oranges and the like. GERD foods to avoid will also include chocolates and caffeinated drinks-this is bad news for some patients with GERD for sure.