Get Facebook Fans – 3 Ways to Increase Your Fans by Tomorrow!

1st Spark initial growth numbers in the network quickly

If you want to reach a wide audience (this brand has mass appeal) to reach enough active users in the network to reach a turning point is the first crucial step. There’s just more potential people to share / like / comment on your content, you add the channel (as in Facebook helps grow a fan page, because this activity is found in the users’ feeds).

An easy way to start is to get more influential users to invite all their friends to become fans of the page. If you can get 20 people each to invite 100 users, and encourage those users to invite their own friends, you will begin to see growth. Use incentives, if necessary – competitions and rewards of joining etc. Facebook has special rules now (which were not in place when I made this one) that makes some of these more difficult, but there are still plenty of creative ways to do so.

2nd Leverage external traffic streams / subscriber bases

Take stock of all your communities, email lists, websites and other places you have a digital presence. Start by calling them to action to join your fan page. Add links to your blog sidebar, put a CTA on the homepage of the website you’re already marketing, add a link in the staff e-mails, put links in your e-mail marketing, etc. Replace the bold and up front to start – key is to funnel enough subscribers to the page where a natural cycle of growth begins as a result of more people become fans. The strategy here is simple: leverage what you have to spark growth in a new community, until the growing organically.

But remember: the long game is consistently siphon people out of Facebook for a society where SEO / social media value really ramp up and you are not restricted by the rules to play in a network, you do not control. In other words, when your fan page grows organic, flip the funnel: begin moving people out of Facebook for your own self-hosted platform as a blog or more valuable than inside the walled garden. Users will be more valuable if you can get them to a place where everything is signal and no noise (Facebook’s signal to noise ratio is terrible).

3rd Continuously update the page with new content

More content on the page will be more content for users to interact with. And because of how Facebook has setup their system, users consistently engaging with content is a key factor for growth. By reaching into the streams of individual users, your fire can begin to grow rapidly if your content is worth responding to.

Other ideas:

Buy targeted advertising on Facebook’s platform
Take advantage of your offline network (TV / newspaper / magazine ads, etc.)
Run a competition / promotion off of Facebook, but encourage users to become a fan during the promotion process (as there are a lot of bureaucracy to actually run campaigns on Facebook fan pages themselves)
Create some missing content is published exclusively on your Facebook fan page
Often makes special offer announcements and even new product announcements through since the first
Hire a community manager to achieve continuous growth opportunities across all your social channels
Buy Google ads to drive traffic directly to your Facebook fan page
End your press releases with your Facebook fan page link
Give talking points published team members to say being a fan in Facebook during interviews
Of course there are plenty of additional methods for cultivation Facebook fan pages / platform specific pages. But further recommendations or ideas would be more specific based on brand or product (above are all quite common). To grow the above page for six figures plus, we did som


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