Get Facebook Traffic – Jonathan Budd’s Get Traffic 3.0 With Killer BONUS Videos

Learn how Jonathan Budd is able to get Facebook traffic. This is his answer to generating huge amounts of leads per day. Everyone is looking forward to the 18th October as this course will be live to the web community. After his huge success with his PPC (pay per click) course he has now targeted Facebook. You will too learn his secrets to how he can get Facebook traffic and generate over 200+ leads a day too.

Get Traffic 3.0 is has appeared at the right time for the Home Based Business industry. Many of the small businesses and internet marketers have been banned from Google recently and their accounts have been withdrawn from them. Facebook advertising is even more targeted than Google adwords so it is now time to take advantage of it and utilize the 500 billion users worldwide.

Google has already publicly announced that Facebook is the only competition that they actually have and also fear. Statistics show that the average Facebook user stays on their website for about 12 minutes. The average is 5 seconds as a whole for all websites. Facebook has even had more unique visitors than Google on some occasions. No one ever thought Google would have any competition especially to a social network. How times have changed.

Jonathan Budd has recognized this major shift and he focused his advertising on Facebook. Jonathan Budd’s Get Traffic 3.0 is the elite coaching program that with show you how to dominate Facebook advertising and generate laser targeted leads for your business without spending a fortune.

Jonathan Budd created Get Traffic 3.0 so that he could share with others his secrets of marketing success. He used the very program he is sharing with this release to generate over 225 daily leads. Jonathan Budd started to utilized the social networking giant Facebook and pay per click advertising to generate leads and create a program that will help you to acquire the leads you need to be successful in your business. Generating leads has never been so easy

If you want to start making an income through advertising then this course is highly recommended. Jonathan Budd’s previous courses have never fallen short of the value mark as his content that he shares is the best in the industry