Get Rid of Belly Fat and Save Your Life

Were you aware that belly fat is dangerous? Did you know that another name for it is toxic fat? Belly fat is not a harmless example of your excesses, it is genuinely something you need to do something about. Belly fat is an indication that you could be in mortal danger!

If you go for a medical today, you will find that the person doing the examination will be interested in your weight, but they will also measure your waist. Your waist measurement is a very good indicator as to whether you are at risk from heart attack or stroke. Why? Because belly fat is toxic fat. Toxic because belly fat is different from the fat on the rest of your body. Belly fat is ‘biologically active’. It secretes inflammatory proteins that cause plaque to build up in your arteries. The more you have the more susceptible you will be to heart attack and stroke.

You really can’t afford to have a belly. It is not a harmless badge of good living – if it ever was. You can’t just leave it and think of doing something about when you feel like it.  It has to be seen for what it is, a warning sign that you are in danger of serious ill health.

There is no time to lose. Every day that you fail to do something about your belly will mean that there will be further build up of plaque in your arteries. This plaque does not disappear when your belly disappears, so the sooner you do something about your belly the better.

What you do not need to do is to rush out and buy the first weight loss program that offers you instant weight loss. Quick weight loss will almost certainly mean that your belly will come back again. You need to do a sensible diet program, like a vegetarian program, for example. This will help you to make change. To change away from the habits that have made you have a belly, and learn new habits.