Get Rid of Your Belly Fat – 4 Earth-Shattering Secrets to Help You

There may not be a magic formula, pill, or drink you can take that will instantly remove your belly fat, but here are 4 surprising secrets that will help you with what you eat and what you do, so you can lose that belly fat!

Secret #1: It’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat
Of course there are some foods that are better for you than others. Studies have shown that restricting the amount of food you eat has a bigger impact on weight loss than the exact foods you eat. Limit your portions and eat until you’re no longer hungry, instead of eating until you feel full or stuffed. Following that rule will help you more even if you eat unhealthy food, as opposed to eating all the “health food” you want.

Secret #2: Fat is good for you. So are carbs.
We all need fat to survive, and we don’t need to completely cut it out of our diets. While trans-fat and saturated fat aren’t the best for us, fat in general (and especially unsaturated fad) is necessary for the body to function. So don’t cut it out completely. Also, carbohydrates can be your friend. If you remember secret #1, and don’t eat too much, be sure to eat enough carbs to fuel your body.

A nutritionist told me some people don’t lose weight because they don’t eat enough! Their bodies went into “starvation mode” and their resting metabolism dropped as a result. They needed to eat more. She also said that “fat burns in a carbohydrate fire,” meaning that in order to burn fat, you need specific chemicals found in carbohydrates to do so.

Secret #3: You don’t need to hit the gym
Today, we usually go to the gym to do our intense 30-minute workouts after a day sitting on our butts. Does that one intense workout session really burn that much fat? Studies have shown that instead of a few intense workouts, we can achieve better results by more consistent and frequent low-intensity activities. Take the stairs, maybe up & down an extra floor. Park a block (or three) away. Try hiding the remote control for a week and see how much more activity you get. While the gym isn’t bad, don’t be fooled into thinking that one 30-minute workout allows to to lounge the rest of the day away.

Secret #4 Intense workouts can be bad for us
It’s not the actual act of intense workouts that could be bad, it’s the side effects of such workouts. For me, once I do my morning run, I justify driving 3 blocks to the grocery store instead of walking. I also “reward” myself with a doughnut or two once I get there. I figure I earned it, right? Wrong. If intense workouts are causing you to resort to bad habits, try decreasing the intensity and increasing your self-control afterwards.

The August 17, 2009 issue of Time Magazine has a cover story basically explaining that exercise doesn’t play as big a role in weight loss as what you eat. It’s still good to exercise, but don’t forget to watch what you eat and exercise self-control. Keeping these secrets in mind in your daily life can help you lose your belly fat, make you feel better, and lower your chance of getting diseases.