Get Together And Bring Strong Business Face To Face Gas Suning Paradise Dongguan

Appliance giant get together to bring strong commercial gas surrounding towns

Suning Paradise weekend Dongguan face Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter Wu Xiping

Prompted headlines Week 6 (23), Suning, Yongle will also open its first store in Dongguan, coincidentally, the two stores with the Department of Dongguan Dongcheng Middle Road, Yidongyixi positive opposite. This is purely a coincidence, or the same as the country’s top three home appliance chain Suning, Yongle contest between a secret? Shenzhen, Suning, Yongle opt appearance, reminiscent of a Circuit City last weekend, stationed in Dongguan, Shenzhen Baoan. Look deep smile appliance market, national chain, a strong regional brand to the acceleration started taking; and domestic brands riveting enough strength to Win, also show extraordinary courage.

Get together occasionally, Dongcheng Road, = + inevitable

Wing-lok said XIA Kun, general manager of Shenzhen, the two stores opened the same day with the Department one place, they unfortunately both clever. Since the end of 2004, household appliances

Retail A word that appears most rapid expansion. This weekend (24) only, will have seven stores in Shenzhen, Suning; easy to good home will be out six stores across the country; and Wing-lok into Shenzhen 3 months time to win the four stores, “51” before its Nanshan store will also open up;

States United States Huaqiang North Epworth shop also will be “51” out during the period, several national chains have also started taking quick start. “51” holiday is Strong Sales of consumer durables, naturally became the shop’s peak business. “In time, with the opening of two stores are not clever.” Kun Xia that “coincidentally, the two stores with the Department a street, but face to face.”

With the expansion speed, good shop has become the focus of competing businesses. Xia Kun said that the competition between businesses showed the possibility of opening in front of consumers after the price of straight down; essence, competition started from the beginning location. Shenzhen six months out of several stores, stores from Suning Dong, Wing-lok, Huaqiang North shop, easy to store and Nanshan good home country out of the Epworth United States will soon have stores close by all business concerns. Xia Kun said, “Wing-lok out 4 now store peers have caused the fight, pry shop phenomenon occurred many times. Is not the enemy is not the so-called poly head, appliance stores growing tendency to get together, it can be said Paradise has changed to some extent The overall layout of home appliances store in Shenzhen. “

Suning said Tao Jinghai, general manager of Shenzhen, the preparation stores

Decoration Open for large home appliance chain, may be just 10 days and a half months to the elections often need a good shop for six months or even a year’s time. Good family planning director Yi Hang-Yong believes that businesses have to consider the current location of people, but also consider future trends. Dongguan has become the current Wal-Mart, two consumer focus with PNS, Dongcheng Road, Dongguan East Rift Road is also the focus of the 2005 regional planning and development. Appliance business together now here, is a coincidence, is also inevitable phenomenon, which is common to do great benefit to busy household appliance market in Dongguan.

Regional brand development = difference competition – blind expansion

With the home appliance chain in Dongguan, Shenzhen branch have entered Coincidentally, last weekend (17), Dongguan, a Circuit City also made the first step in off-site expansion, and the pace of the election at the Shenzhen Baoan. Wing-lok, the responsible person pointed out that the national chain into Shenzhen, the general choice for consumers concerned about the highest, most competitive, or Nanshan Huaqiang North business district. Entered the business district is a symbol of the brand, but also the amount of sales, to secure greater market share and more resources. The electrical hot spots around the city business district into Shenzhen can be understood as a passive response.

“Home appliance chain expansion is indeed an important way to bigger and stronger, but need a strong expansion of capital, services, platform support, or struggling.” Tao Jinghai said, “home appliance chain get together, or even face to face, in addition to the strength of the contest , there is a higher level of confrontation, it is also rational distribution in the accelerated expansion. “Wing-lok said, get together and bring full competition at the same time, bring consumer benefits. Two weeks ago, Paradise surprise lineup Huizhou, and aroused the enthusiasm of local people’s consumption, a time to shine Huizhou consumer electronics market. It is understood that, “May 1” period, Huizhou store Suning will also advance. Shenzhen, Huizhou, near the home appliance market will usher in new opportunities and challenges.

“Home appliance chain get together around the city core area, the local is not naturally strong regional brand will not stand still.” GOME pointed out that “weak regional brand should avoid blind expansion, gaining a position to rely on competitive differentiation.” Yongle that the major home appliance chain is the future trend, some are not strong regional brand with , better selection and a large home appliance chain complementarity. Easy good family also believes that regional brand from the scale effect, speed although not with large domestic home appliance chain counter, but the regional brand after years of development have a relatively stable customer base, targeting good service these customers, also a great living space .