Get Traffic 3.0 Overview And Huge Bonus For Facebook PPC Education Course

Literally this addresses one of the primary problems confronting the work from home business marketplace nowadays, that relating to generating traffic for their business. Mr. Jonathan Budd has yet again resolved this very dilemma in his brand new program Get Traffic 3.0

There literally have been a ton of “how to get traffic to a website courses” published in the last couple of months, but this one is unique in the fact that it doesn’t rely on traffic from Google at all, either free or organic.

Interestingly enough, Get Traffic 3. isn’t just another rehashed product released into the MLM industry, but deals with some cutting edge stuff and the trends on where people are spending their time online these days. While Google long held sway over many marketers eager to generate targeted leads for their business, Facebook is quickly taking over that mantle and gaining traction.

Did you know that Facebook is now the #2 most visited website in the world and on average, a person spend 3-4 times more time on that site than any other one, including Google (just ask my wife about that )

Even more important is the fact that people spend hours upon hours on Facebook, vs. just a quick search on search engines.

In Get Traffic 3., one of the key issues that is addressed is how to use Facebook PPC to get in front of all of those people who are spending all of that time on that site. Quite literally, their pay per click marketing platform is simply in its infancy right now and will only continue to grow.

How to become a facebook master advertiser and really really take advantage of the current trends out there.

One interesting fact about Facebook PPC is that the leads you generate from that platform are far cheaper, most of the time under 1/2 the cost of leads generated through Google Adwords.

Get Traffic 3. will also go into how to be a micro-celebrity and also go into how to utilize free marketing on Facebook with fanpages and have that help you build your email marketing list.

If you’d like to learn more about exactly how to really dominate Facebook and generate leads from the hottest social media platform on the planet, read below and click the link below right now for more information.

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