Get Up And Go With Stand Up Paddleboarding

Surfing has always been a popular pastime in semi-tropical and tropical areas and Hawaii is world famous for its volcanoes, luaus, pristine beaches and of course, the surfers. Suddenly, an old style of surfing which is known as stand up paddleboarding has suddenly become new again. Many surfers are hitting the waves.

The sport of paddleboarding is by no means new to those who reside around tropical areas such as Hawaii as this way of surfing has taken place since the nineteen sixties. It was first started when those boys of Waikiki roamed the beaches with their surfboards, gawking at the tourists who were trying to surf for the first time. Rather than miss out on the fun and action, they simply grabbed their cameras, a outrigger paddle and their surfboards and headed out on the ocean to where the tourists were getting their beginner lessons in surfing.

Here they snapped up photos of the newbies trying out the boards for the first time and later on they sat around laughing over the many spills that the tourists took when they fell off the boards. This became common practice around the beaches of Hawaii, first as the actions of those out to have fun at another ones expense. Later on this was implemented by lookouts who roamed the ocean and warned others of the impending dangerous waves.

This action by the boys of Waikiki certainly saved grace as well as the lives of many people. The art of SUP became standard as with the heat and calm waters, many surfers hit the beach with their paddles and boards in tow. This style of surfing did not need fifty foot waves or any type of wave at all, one was to simply use the paddle to propel themselves across the calm waters of the ocean.

All the equipment that was needed was the surfboard and an outrigger paddle. When paddle boarding all one had to do was stand up on the surfboard and use the paddle like you would if you were in a canoe and move yourself through the water.Often when people are just learning this sport they tend to stick to the smaller bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers.

This hobby is not cheap; the equipment used it very expensive. Paddleboards cost anywhere from four hundred to nine hundred dollars and the paddles that are used cost between three and six hundred dollars. This equipment will last a fairly good amount of time if taken well care of. Many people buy special bags for their paddle and board in order to protect the precious equipment when it is not in the water. It is also suggested to never sit a paddle board in a standing position, in order to avoid harmful falls.

The movement of your body with the paddle strengthens the upper body region. The art of learning how to balance yourself to be able to stand up on the surfboard itself strengthens the lower region, or legs. This is a sport of strength, stamina and endurance and is full of challenges for both the beginner surfers as well as those who are considered to be veterans.