Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Instantly Drive Them Crazy With This Dirty Facebook Trick

Don’t waste anytime and get your ex boyfriend back with this dirty Facebook trick before he is gone for good. Let’s face it all is fair in love and war and so is this trick. Before you let him drift off into another woman’s arms you have to fight for your man, right? Facebook is a great way to manipulate his thoughts and get your ex boyfriend back again.

Stop Chasing Him

This is a common trait that both men and women share when someone tries to leave they cling on to them and try to keep them from going. This only drives them away faster so it only makes sense that doing the exact opposite would drive them back to you, right? The best way to do this would be to properly initiate no contact by sending them a short, direct, and polite message. I will tell you where to go to find a great NC message later in this article. This is the first step to getting your ex boyfriend back, now for the the dirty Facebook trick that will drive them crazy.

The Dirty Facebook Trick

Once you have sent the no contact message to get their attention it is time for the next step to get your ex boyfriend back. Go to your Facebook account and start posting about having a new boyfriend, maybe even hint that it was your previous boyfriend before him. This will drive him crazy and make him think he made a big mistake (which he did) when he decided to dump you.

If you have some old pictures of you and an ex boyfriend throw them up on your FB account as well…get the idea? Now lying is not the best way to get your ex boyfriend back, but you’re not “really”, just having a little fun while attracting him back to you again. I guarantee he will be thinking about you again and it won’t be long before he breaks and wants you back.

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