Get Your Hands On A Scuba Mask

Scuba diving is a fun hobby that people share all around the world. Many individuals love to be able to dive beneath the surface of the water and travel deep below water. In order to see the pretty scene beneath the surface you must find the correct type of scuba mask that can fit your face and give you clear vision.

Single Pane Lens

These types of masks are developed with a single lens that is on the front of the mask and a lens on either side of the face. The side lenses are utilized to give a better peripheral vision to those who want it.

Double Pane

This is similar to the single pane except that it is made with two lenses set in the front and one lens that is set on either side of the face. This is constructed with a physical separation in the center of the lens that is in the front.

No Purge

The no purge type is utilized particularly for people who dive. These are some of the more popular and might be either single or double lens. These are made with a plain rubber nose that serves to keep water from leaking inside and smearing your vision.


These are likewise for divers. These are designed with a purge valve that is situated beneath the nose. This works to clear the mask when the diver exhales into it. The disadvantage to this is that divers frequently have problems equalizing and free flowing when in deeper depths.

Full Face

The full face scuba masks are some of the most high-priced. However, they are also a few of the most handy to utilize. These are produced to cover the person’s whole face. This keeps the water out completely and has a mouthpiece constructed into the mask. This makes it a good deal easier for the diver to breathe. Professional divers are commonly the only individuals who will utilize these.