Get Your Money’s Worth: Go For Highly Qualified Business Sales Leads

Chasing after business sales leads is something that all salespeople have to do on a daily basis. Lead generation, though time consuming and can be costly, is an important aspect of the sales process that all business people can do without. It is the only way to find new clients and eventually increase a business’ revenue. However, not all sales leads have the potential of becoming good prospects, and ultimately, paying customers. Which is why qualifying business sales leads is so crucial in order to avoid wasting both time and money.

In today’s fast-changing corporate world, highly-qualified B2B sales leads are hard to find. Although there has been a rapid growth in lead buying and list brokerage these days, one cannot deny that only a few lead generation firms and business lists suppliers can really deliver high quality and well-targeted sales leads.

If you are a business owner and scouting for good sales leads, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. While you can always get business leads cheaply, the quality of these leads cannot be guaranteed. The only time you will discover how bad they are is after you or your sales team have called them and find out they don’t exist, are difficult to contact, you have the wrong person or number, wrong business name, etc. Of course, you wouldn’t get these leads without first paying for them, right? So there goes your hard-earned dollars. They’re cheap, so “you get” what “you paid for”.

Buying business sales leads can be an attractive option, especially if you or your sales people don’t have the time to do it yourselves. But, if you would be shelling out bucks for leads, whether large or small amount, you want to have the chance at, to say the least, getting their phones to ring instead of getting a busy signal or a disconnected message. Ideally, you want to be able to speak with the decision maker who would listen to your proposition and has a genuine interest in your service or product. How do you do this? You can buy leads that have been pre-qualified through appointment setting.

Over the years, lead generation through appointment setting has been proven to work for any vertical. It’s a tried-and-tested marketing approach for generating business leads for various products or services such as accounting/bookkeeping, advertising, cash advance, credit card processing, commercial cleaning, software, tax consulting, and many more.

In appointment setting, professional B2B phone marketers cold-call decision-makers from targeted companies based on the client’s criteria. Telephone representatives call on behalf of the client, establish trust, and set the mood for a sales presentation. If the prospect shows interest and agrees to meet with a sales representative, an appointment (face-to-face, phone, or webinar) is set. This prospect has now been pre-qualified and is forwarded to the client as a sales lead.

The beauty of this method is its capability to quickly identify buying signals. Callers can probe and determine if the prospect:

-Has time for a sales presentation
-Is happy with what they have
-Has the financial capacity to buy
-Is the key decision-maker

In addition, clients can always modify the qualifying questions to get the kind of information they want from prospects. This makes it easier for the sales representative to go about the presentation because issues have been identified earlier and can be addressed accordingly during the presentation proper.

Searching for new leads will always be a part of running a business, and if you have made the decision to buy business sales leads, make sure that you work with a reputable company that can deliver what you paid for.