Getting Organized And Staying That Way

Everyone has to take the time to get organized once in a while.  When your closets and living areas overflow with junk, it’s time to take control.  Using these professional tips, you can get your most bothersome areas organized and keep them that way!

First you need to identify areas that are the most trouble.  Most people have a “pile it on” spot, like the kitchen counter, an end table, or the bathroom counter.  Sometimes we clean in a hurry, throwing everything into a laundry basket, bag or box, and then never get around to sorting it out.  Places like these make our homes feel cluttered and disorganized.  Tackle projects one at a time and come up with logical solutions to the problems.  

A clean counter is very alluring to someone looking to set something down.  Identify what type of items are constantly being put there so that you can provide a space for them.  If it’s papers from work, try a wall file.  If it’s keys, wallet and pocket knife, place a small basket there, or hang a shelf with hooks. It helps if you arrange your organizational products in the area where your family is used to putting things.  We are, after all, creatures of habit.  If you normally come home and drop everything in the kitchen, putting an organizational set of baskets, shelves and hooks in the living room will only work for so long.

Use this same principal for controlling other things, like laundry.  If your child’s laundry basket is in their closet, but they always leave their clothes at the foot of the bed, then you need to move the basket to the foot of the bed.  You can slowly move the basket closer to the wall, and even back into the closet after they get the hang of using it all the time.  Getting them to have some successes in the beginning is the key to making it a habit for them.

When you get around to the biggest job, the closet, be ready to make a real plan.  Don’t just go out and buy a bunch of baskets and bins without planning for the space that you have available.  Sort out and separate everything that you have in your closet.  Get rid of what you can, and then plan on which containers will work best for you.  

Arrange things according to how often they are used.  The things that you need the most often need to be easily accessible.  If they’re not, you’ll end up keeping them in a more convenient spot, eventually.  You want to make it easy to keep things where they go.  Get some high quality clothes hangers, like a good wood hanger or coat hanger for your dress clothes.  You may decide to go with some space saving hangers or specialty hangers to help improve the organization of the space.  Home organization is an ongoing process, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries to get it right.