Getting rid of dog fleas

Flea prevention tips might come handy if you are a dog owner, since they are very much prone to them. Having knowledge beforehand of how to handle these insects that thrive on warm animal or human blood would help you getting rid of them instantly. Best way of defeating fleas is to first get rid of your dog. That is to say not throw him out of your house but take them to a vet, who will treat them and keep him overnight, while you fight a war against fleas in your home.

Prevention techniques are prerequisites-don’t let these bloodsuckers into your house. Measures including vacuuming your house regularly and thoroughly paying a keen attention to your basement and nooks and corners of your house. Fill or clean the cracks as these blood suckers are fond of dark and damp places where no one can access.

Fleas have a special ability to cling to hairs. They clung to your dog’s fur and remove hair at that spot besides itchiness. So they will certainly take refuge in your capets,rugs,sofa and wherever your dog might play or sleep, so washing these cloth regularly with anti flea detergents or shampoos is a good idea. Bathing your pets regularly with as much soap is also favorable in removing flea threat.

Now let’s deal with the situation that fleas have penetrated your house. Signs of their insurgency include scratching and biting by your dogs on some spots followed by arousal of raw hairless patches on your dog. Black colored blood also marks their presence. Action against fleas needs to be swift as they do not go away by scratching.

A soft comb might be useful as fleas have entangled body. Another method is drowning these pests in soapy water, use flea shampoo preferably. Anti flea chemicals can also be applied and these are available with vets.