Getting Ripped With Water! The Importance of H2O!

The largest single component of the body is water. So many people living today overestimate the high importance of water “H2O.” Fat tissue holds some of the lowest amounts of water while muscle holds the highest concentration of water. An athlete individual will contain higher percentages of water compared to the average person. Water carries a variety of essential functions that are necessary for proper health and living. Some of the great things that water does for your body is that it aids in digestion and elimination of toxins and body temperature is directly maintained. Water also acts as a transport medium for nutrients. You want to be sure to have an efficient amount of H2O daily because for the individuals that lack in their intake of water, when more water is lost then taken in, dehydration develops.

This brings me to another important issue that almost virtually everyone fails to know. Now hear me out on this! When you already begin to feel the thirst for liquid your body craves, you have already begin to put your body in the beginning stages of dehydration. Even a 10% loss of water can cause unwanted disorders, such as dizziness, muscle spasms, failure of proper kidney function, and difficulty concentrating. So you see why water is such a crucial daily importance.

Keep a proper water intake of 8-10 8oz cups of water, this will add a high value rate to the body. This type of proper water intake, will cause water loss also, which is part of a bodybuilders diet for pre conditioning before his or hers competition. What proper importation of water will do as far weight loss is concerned is your body having all that H2O coming into you, you will start to flush all water weight, carrying with it toxins, out of your entire system. Reason being is because your body tells itself that your carrying to much water being stored within, therefore resulting in the loss of water weight, giving you a leaner, more slender appearance.