Getting Serious About Losing Weight? Here is Your Starting Point

Like any other addiction, food addiction can be hard to overcome. It is why many of us are overweight. We are simply addicted to food. Salt, sugar, fat are all addictive substances and many processed foods have underlying addictions like heterocyclic amines and opiod peptides that leave us craving more.

When food is so addicting, when advertisements are everywhere for junk foods and junk food restaurants are on every corner, it is no wonder that we struggle to win the battle against the bulge. You can though and not by sheer willpower alone. What you need is a plan but first before you can even think about planning you need to KNOW what you weak points are and why your diet is so terribly.

Take a few days to eat consciously. Write down everything you eat, how you feel before and after. Write down triggers to eating – whether you ate because you were hungry or because someone made you mad. Write down also any snacks you have and drinks. All this can reveal a lot to you. Use something like to see how many calories you clocked up. This may show you that you are overeating which is a guarantee if you are overweight. If you are drinking lots of juices and sodas this is the first thing you can consider cutting out to get your calorie intake down.

Once you have observe start planning how you are to overcome your issues. As stated above one thing you can write down to do is cut out sodas and juices. You may also notice that you eat more in the evening – could this be out of boredom?

You may also find that you are an emotional eater as well. So write a list of things you can do instead of eating to overcome your uncomfortable feelings. This could be talking to a friend, going for a walk, writing down how you are feeling.

Once you have a list of things to change about your lifestyle you may decide to change one thing per week. This allows you to ease into a new lifestyle, lose weight and keep it off for good. Giving up sodas can be a hard thing to do, so allowing yourself to do this one step at first before rushing into anything else and overwhelming yourself is a smart thing to do. Just by doing this small step as well you are likely to see impressive results which will motivate you on to the next lifestyle change.

So work yourself out, have self-awareness and take your time. This is a journey and a lifestyle change not a quick-fix problem.