Getting the Best Out of Betta Fish Bowls

Betta fish bowls are easier to maintain than larger fish tanks. If you do not want a large aquarium or you don’t have any plans of expanding the number of fish you have in the future, a bowl can serve as the home of your Betta fish. There was a huge issue before whether it is advisable to use a bowl to house a fish. People back then put gold fish in fish bowls and it created a rage among animal activists because according to them this kind of fish should thrive in a large aquarium. The Betta on the other hand should have no problems with a bowl because it only grows 2 to 3 inches max. It also has a labyrinth organ that allows them to take oxygen directly from the atmosphere in addition to the oxygen taken from water using their gills. This is the organ that enables them to gulp air and spit out bubbles to produce a bubble nest.

Betta fish are popular among beginners because they are pretty much inexpensive to care for and Betta fish bowls are easily accessible. Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish can live in smaller containers unlike other aquarium fish. They can survive without filters and aerators that other fish can’t survive without. In Thailand (were they originated from), a lot of native breeders just keep them in 2 liter bottles. Some even keep them in water-filled bags and they manage to keep the fish alive.

When we’re talking about Betta fish bowls, you have to get at least 1.5 to 2 gallons. Anything less thank this is not really recommended. You might have seen pet owners who keep their Betta fish in plastic cups. This is not good, this is actually a cruel thing to do. Don’t take care of a fish if you want it to just merely survive. It is important to keep it healthy and happy otherwise it is better off in the wild. Buy a decent sized bowl so that the fish can swim around. It will be easier to maintain a larger bowl because waste can easily scatter.

Put the bowl in an area where the temperature ranges from 77EsF to 86EsF and since it will be difficult to install heater, keep it away from sources of either hot or cold air like air conditioning vents and direct sunlight. You can decorate the bowl with live plants or silk plants. Aside from making the bowl look nicer, you also provide a hiding place for your Betta. Add some gravel but make sure you don’t overfeed because gravel catches uneaten food and it can rot which will pollute the water. You can put a filter in your bowl but make sure you get something that is intended for Betta fish bowls.