Getting To Know About Psychic Abilities Or Shamanism

Shamanism is a word that derived from the Tungus tribe located in Siberia. Shamans are named for medicine men or women that have the ability to enter other dimensions of reality through their dreams, myths and rituals. They typically do this by journeying into an altered state of consciousness.



Today, a Shaman is an anthropological term for describing the sacred rituals used by indigenous cultures to channel and connect to different dimensions of reality. Shamanism is most often used for healing and cleansing. Shamans are really mediums that channel energy. Shamans enter an altered state of reality in order to gain knowledge in how they might help someone. In many cases, the Shaman connects to the spirit world and receives advice or aid from its spirits.


Shamanism is one of the oldest healing traditions in the world. Historically, the Shaman journeyed between the physical and spiritual realms through the use of rituals, meditation and visualization. In many cases, a Shaman would enter into an altered state of consciousness through the use of sound such as repetitive drumming or singing. One of the most common associations to Shamans is their ability to move beyond their physical body. This is known as Shamanic Flight. Today, we might refer to this as an out-of-body experience.


A Shaman also has the ability to enter into a trance. In this altered state of consciousness, the Shaman has learned how to remain in control and can navigate between the different worlds, communicate with spirits, and make changes in reality. Today, some would consider this a form a self-hypnosis or deep meditation, and the concept of altering reality certainly relates to modern day physics.


One of the fundamental beliefs of the Shaman is that within nature everything is alive and has a spirit of its own. This means that everything within the physical plane has its own life energy and soul. Together, we make our natural world. In Shamanism, we are all connected. There is no authority, dominance or hierarchy. All life is considered to be equal and necessary. Shamans believe in the laws of spirit. We all must live in harmony and balance.


Today, the Shaman is seen as the priest, doctor and healer. Experience and education is the main attribute of the modern day Shaman. However, there are still those Shamans that have the ability to walk between different levels of consciousness and realms of being. They remain our bridges to the world of spirit. Let’s not forget the magic and power they give back to this world.


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