Getting Your Ex Back – A Few Basic Rules

When your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you that they need space or that they want to start seeing other people, our primal instinct is to fight for what we want. And what we want is getting our ex back by any means possible. Sadly, most of us will go about this the wrong way. One might think that professing our love through texts, emails, and phone calls will most certainly win the hearts of our ex back when in fact, it causes them to run further away. The number 1 rule to getting your ex back is by effectively enforcing “no contact” with them whatsoever.

When you cut off contact with an ex it adds an air of mystery about you. They think to themselves, “what are they doing?”, “who are they with?”, “do they miss me?”, etc. The point is that by simply dropping all contact with your ex, you’ve found a way to constantly be on their mind. You’ve made yourself present in their everyday thinking and have mysteriously left all of their questions unanswered. This is the first and most important step in getting your ex back.

Does having no contact with your ex sound impossible? Listed below are some tips and tricks to use that will help make “no contact” with your ex a little easier.

Remove All Emotional Triggers

One of the best things you can do to help make no contact with your ex easier is by removing all emotional triggers from your sight. Take down any photos you make have of them on your wall or at your desk. Box up the silly love notes in a box way back in your closet. Don’t listen to “our” song and don’t watch “our” favorite movie. By removing and steering clear of emotional triggers, you’re giving yourself a break from the pain of remembering them. This is key in having no contact with your ex.

Get Rid of All Contact Information

In this day and age it has become easier to erase the contact information of our exes because technology gave us an excuse not to commit anything to memory. What I mean by this is, you probably don’t have their cell number, work number, and email address committed to memory because it’s all conveniently stored in your cell phone or computer. Resist the temptation to memorize the information as you delete all of their contact information from your gadgets and gizmos.

Skip that Second Drink

We’ve all been there. There comes a day when you are so down that you call up your friends and ask if they’ll meet you up for a drink to talk things over. This is actually very healthy – the talking not the drinking. It’s good to let it all out and have a shoulder to cry on. And having a drink or two is okay too. It relaxes you and puts things in different perspective. The problem with this though is that if you have one too may drinks, all of your rationality goes out the window and it’s possible that all of your “no contact” efforts will go right down the drain.

Only when you are able to exercise some control over your own emotions and impulses, you are ready to take first steps toward getting your ex back. Unfortunately, the most of rejected lovers are very impatient. They just want to reunite with their lost lovers or spouses as soon as possible. As a result, they deprave themselves of any real chance of successful reconciliation. Don’t do the same if you are planing on getting your ex back in your life again!