Getting Your Ex Back – When You Love Someone You Might Have to Let Them Go

Everyone has heard the phrase “If you love something, let it go”. Nothing rings more true when dealing with your ex. If your significant other informs you they want out of the relationship, it is your duty to let them go amicably, not sniveling and crying like a baby. If you really love them, it’s likely you will feel like sniveling and crying but you must remain amicable and do the right thing by letting your significant other go, this is the very first step in getting your ex back.

Simply let them go

When a bird is caged, the bird cannot spread their wings and fly. You must allow your ex at their request to go and spread their wings otherwise, how will you ever know if the love both of you shared is truly meant to be? Getting your ex back should not entail smothering or pestering your ex. Getting your ex back will be the result of doing the right thing while allowing your ex to make the decision which they feel is best for them, whether you like it or not.

Before trying to get your ex back, regain yourself

Getting your ex back will take some effort on your part but you will be shocked to learn that the efforts which you make with this venture should be aimed at yourself as compared to getting your ex back. Your ex needs to realize that they first made a mistake. Your ex needs to also realize from your actions that you too are accepting of your own mistakes. This can provide a great learning experience for both of you and will prove for a lasting relationship for the future both of you want to build together.

Love does hurt

Someone once asked me if I have ever been in love. I confidently replied “yes”. That same someone then asked me if I have ever had my heart broken, I quickly replied “no”. This is when that particular someone informed me that it was obvious to him or her that I have never been in love. What I learned from these questions from someone is that love is not always what one will see in the movies or what you along with everyone else dreams about. Love hurts as the group “Nazareth” sings about so eloquently in their seventies hit, “Love Hurts”. Getting your ex back might entail hurt and pain but it’s imperative that you prove to yourself that you truly want your ex back. Can you really get beyond the hurt? If so, then you can confidently try to get your ex back.

Cast aside selfish thoughts

Love is kind yet love is cruel. Love stinks and love can be triumphant. To show true love of someone is to let him or her go upon his or her request. In our hearts we must show the love we have in our hearts and allow our significant others to leave if this is what they ultimately want. Getting your ex back relies heavily on our actions at the time of the breakup. If you love your significant other, let them go otherwise, you will prove to be nothing but selfish and only caring of yourself and this will be the ultimate reasoning why you will never get your ex back.