Girl Was Almost Kidnapped by a Fake Friend on Facebook

Facebook, as the most popular social network today, arises concerns in parents whose children have their profile on the mentioned network. A shocking confession of 12-year-old girl from Europe is another example of how Facebook can be dangerous.

Her story begins with acceptance of a friend on facebook who identified himself as her school friend. She had believed that this is really her friend because he knew a lot of information about the school and her and as he also pointed he was sick couple of days. He asked her to bring him some exercise books because he was sick and could not do his homework without some books. She was on the road to his house when from the parked car on the street came out a man introducing as his dad. He insisted that she get into his car and drive to that friend, but she didn’t want because he was unknown to her. Finally he grabbed her by the hand and tried to put her into the car by force, however, girls began to scream and, fortunately, the neighbors heard that and came out to see what were all about. Tempter then fled and girl, in that panic, failed to look at and remember the license plate number.

Shocking confession of this girl left all silent in the crowded school when they heard that only a combination of circumstances saved her live. About lurking dangers on the Internet, especially on facebook, which are increased day by day as its popularity grows, parents and school staff are not fully aware that the life of their loved ones can be under the constant threat of anonymous and false facebook friends. It is important to highlight girl’s courage to confess this in front of everyone.

Facebook can be dangerous place because children are naive and usually leave all information about them. Amazingly is how the man followed the girl meticulously, while he knew where she lives and which friend was not at school that day. The question is what would happen if girl did not screamed and that the neighbor was not there at that moment to hear. It can just be concluded that luck was on the side of this brave little girl.

Its no wonder why parents are asking themselves this question more and more: How to block facebook?  BOLA TANGKAS
Der Facebook Algorithmus (so steigert ihr eure Reichweite)

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