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Sudan, nitrite, formaldehyde … …
Beauty bean sprouts, a , aged moon cake … …
Food is, food for safety first. In recent years, reports of food safety has once again hurt the people of this has been a sensitive nerve. Every time the disclosure of the issue of food safety, consumers are increasingly worried.
Food security alarm sounded again and again, people who give a safe “table”?
“Firewall” problem of frequent incidents of food safety
“It was eating one, and eat a second time, to the entrance on the fell, he turned his head, not eat in, got stuck, fell down, knees up … …” in February 2005 as a small pieces of jelly, 51-year-old farmer from Shandong, Guo Chunbo lost only 6 years old son.
According to the China Consumers Association statistics, in recent years as consumption of jelly, child deaths from suffocation around. AQSIQ has announced the latest national standards jelly, and jelly made the specifications defined size. In this standard, the result in the death of a son swallowed Guochun Bo-style jelly is prohibited.
Tao, Professor of Beijing University, said: “Food Standards is like the field of network security ‘firewall’, the frequent food safety incidents, indicating ‘Firewall’ a flaw and needs to be upgraded.” Tao said.
Nanchang University, Life Science and Food Engineering College, Zhu Youlin representatives, to upgrade food safety standards, the development of new standards is only one way, very often we need the original standards in the dynamic monitoring of the process, the establishment of relevant standards, useful complement to existing standards.
Bull fight each other to repeat the law enforcement supervision of law enforcement gaps
Since reform and opening, the NPC Standing Committee has developed product quality, food hygiene and so nearly 20 laws related to food safety, the State Council formulated the regulations of pesticides, veterinary drugs regulations, such as pig slaughtering nearly 40 regulations related to administration regulations, the State Council ministries and commissions have also developed a pollution-free agricultural management practices, agricultural genetically modified organisms safety assessment management practices, new resources such as food hygiene control measures nearly 150 relevant ministerial regulations.
Zhuyou Lin said: “These laws, rules and regulations related to food safety control and many departments, due to the division of responsibilities among various departments is more extensive, so that they exist in law enforcement responsibilities and functions of the right to cross-asymmetric situation.”
Shanxi Fen Wine Group Co., Ltd. Heng Fa Chuen, chairman Guo Shuangwei representative and chairman of Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Week Elite Australian Financial representatives are fully share.
They believe that China’s food safety regulatory system from top to bottom was dispersed, its regulatory functions from the health, industry and commerce, quality supervision, agriculture committee, animal husbandry, business and other departments to take food safety supervision departments and more regulatory power and control scattered resources, functions overlap, making it very hard together.
Call from Farm to Table Food Safety Act introduced
In recent years, statistics from related departments of consumers each year because of pesticide residues and chemical additives, food poisoning, the number of people have more than 10 million people, which is only dominant poisoned, including potential state if no immediate onset of poisoning, it would be an astronomical! “10 years have submitted a motion the meeting and recommendations of the NPC a total of 696 Hospital of Chinese President Jiang Jian Qufu Red Cross representative said,” some deep-seated problems can not be fundamentally resolved, the current food security situation is bound to face serious. “
Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, deputy secretary of the representative of the Ming Lai Union believes that the current food security problems are so many, mainly as a legal system is not perfect, there are existing provisions of “fighting each other” phenomenon; second system that is not there, “bull regulation “phenomenon; third mechanism ineffective, resulting in cost should they produce inefficient results.
Lai Ming the proposed repeal of the Food Sanitation Law Union, establish and improve food safety law to food safety based on the legal protection system; integration of existing regulatory resources, the establishment of a monitoring system for the entire process; gradually improved plant breeding, production, processing, circulation, consumption, and other links food safety standard system; great efforts to strengthen food inspection and testing, establish the authority of the inspection agency for food safety and provide scientific technical support force. BOLA TANGKAS