Givenchy Perfume Cosmetics In The World

Givenchy, one of the pioneers of contemporary luxury, since 1987 to become LVMH Group 1. There are two main cause of it: fashion boutique cosmetics industry and the perfume industry.

Founder HubertdeGivenchy is a famous brand fashion designer with a dream to design and color of fine reputation. Givenchy brand has maintained the founder’s personality, its heritage by art, life and luxury of the French aristocracy influenced by temperament, all over the world are regarded as the ultimate representative of fashion.

1957, the Givenchy perfume cosmetics (ParfumsGIVENCHY) since its inception, the closely linked with the story of a legend: HubertdeGivenchy and charming young American film star Audrey Hepburn encounter. Together they created the “Givenchy style”, the French nobility and charm of this American-style meet, carefree blend of elegance and dazzling fashion. In order to Audrey Hepburn charming, romantic and generous pay tribute to femininity, HubertdeGivenchy created his first perfume, Interdit.

Sections of Givenchy perfume celebrities have chosen cooperation from the heart of the beautiful, which can deliver a variety of emotions, these feelings are different to the performance of work. Introduced in the 80’s Ysatis, 1991 years of Amarige and 1996 Organza, have succeeded in their interpretation of the unique qualities that era. In 2003, the young actress LivTyler by the U.S. endorsement of VeryIrrésistibleGivenchy (pink charm) a delicate blend of charming and fearless writing a marriage of film and fashion, so it’s brand new 21st century landmark luxury norms.

1959 MonsieurdeGivenchy from the beginning, Givenchy men’s fragrance has always been a gentleman’s gesture. Elegance and charm of the men pay attention to the performance of the different ways to capture the essence of the times, in 1975 GivenchyGentleman, 80 years of Xeryus, and 90 years of P. The first five years in the new century, people desire fresh and sexy fragrance, and more recent men’s fragrance, such as GivenchypourHomme, GivenchyBlueLabel and VeryIrrésistibleGivenchyforMen It is this desire made brilliant response.

From its inception, the Givenchy brand and color and joy on the link. Through its make-up series, Givenchy women’s private life in the role has become increasingly important. Make NicolasDegennes in the hands of Artistic Director, GivenchyleMakeup series will make up formula with innovative color and light, perfect control of the combined together. Givenchy make up more than 150 kinds of products are to follow his famous prism principle (Prismeprinciple), and each season has a new and limited edition fashion products rich in this series.

Givenchy compact super-fine, with different colors of “4G” signs for decoration, easy to use, easy to carry, so make-up to become a fashionable and natural, it has become the idol-class products.

Givenchy SPA is not only the company’s expertise in international exhibition hall, or the means to conduct cutting-edge research results of the study for the development of its skin care products. Givenchy SPA in the world have maintained high standards of six luxury and quality, not only in their luxury hotel venue located on the top, but also in the fine care they provide services. SPA seventh house Givenchy has been completed, it is located in the famous French ski resort Courcheval the ChevalBlanc hotel, is the first summit of snow-capped mountains in the SPA.

Givenchy has become an important brand skin care industry, both luxury, comfort and efficiency, and develop truly innovative formula. Givenchy skin care products to meet the needs of women, while on the skin to take positive, relaxed attitude, such as NoSurgetics regeneration series is the perfect cosmetic surgery can be used instead of skin care products so that customers will not produce skin guilt; NoComplex series can accurately target specific parts of the body; SkinDrink series to help facial moisturizer; and PowerYouth young women against their will for the first fine lines.