Glass Ceilings and the New Millennium Glass Breakers

Even though women continue to struggle in areas of pay and position the glass ceiling that existed that kept women in lower positions in the work force has been replaced with blue skies ready for the taking.

There are still obvious areas for opportunity to improve the equality of women in the work place but since the early 90’s there has been a revolution in the impact that women have to major corporations.

Sue Nokes has been an influential businesswoman that has risen through the ranks of the corporate world and has help high-ranking positions within WalMart and most recently as COO of T-Mobile USA. Internally she has been credited with taking the Small Wireless company that struggled to maintain pace with the bigger wireless companies and taking them to record breaking heights by winning more JD powers in a row for customer service then anyone really cares to count. She turned T-Mobile into the staple for the wireless industry that still hasn’t been reached by any other company. As she moves on from T-Mobile to new ventures it’s clear that she has helped to pave the way for all women executives and has done her part in making sure that glass ceiling stays broken.

Meg Whitman not only took the fledgling online auction company eBay to levels unseen in internet market places she’s been able to take her success and translate it into politics. When she left eBay to pursue her life in politics she was one of the most well-known and successful executives in the world. After all she took a small company started in a garage and turned it into the biggest Internet sensation in history.

Her mark as executive for eBay has serves as a template for businessmen and women alike and has proven to be a success in the online market place. Few people would have given eBay a chance to survive but their partnership together has created a long lasting ripple effect throughout the online business community.

It’s not only prominent businesswomen who are reaching new heights.

Over the last decade the small businesswomen has made her mark. With companies tailored to women owned franchise give clear indications that the world needs woman business owners to add a unique style to running a company. These franchise companies have proven that women are just as capable, even more so in some cases then men. In a world that has been traditionally male dominates the breath of fresh air that women ownership has brought to the business community has been a fresh and welcomed perspective to some of the old adages that have plagued the business world for centuries.

With the executive world and the business world embracing women leaders and business owners it’s clear to see that we are moving in the right direction. There will be a day where we reach total equality and it will be commonplace to see women in high-level successful roles in the business world.