Glaucoma – Its Symptoms and Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye condition which arises through a raised pressure within the eyeball. Without treatment, this can lead to damage of the optic nerve which as a consequence can cause permanent impairment of your eyesight.

Several million people suffer from glaucoma and it accounts for a significant portion of new blind member registrations. Although an extremely serious condition, if treated early, permanent blindness can be avoided. This adds further emphasis to the fact that we should all attend regular eye tests and undertake any treatment that is required to enable early diagnosis.

The symptoms of acute or chronic glaucoma ordinarily manifest themselves in the eye pressure increasing at a fast rate giving the sufferer a very painful and red eye, this is something that is ordinarily more common in long sighted individuals and must be assessed urgently by a doctor or medical practitioner. However, for the vast majority of sufferers, the eye pressure gradually rises and there are no notable symptoms.

Given glaucoma is a long-term eye condition which does not necessarily display any symptoms, it is this reason why regular eye tests are important given an eye test will include a glaucoma test and will therefore identify this condition if you have it. If glaucoma runs in your family you are more at risk of contracting the condition and by a significant margin. You should therefore always keep to your regular eye tests to monitor the presence of the condition.

Not only are you at risk should glaucoma run in your family but all of us are susceptible particularly over the age of 40 years and those suffering with diabetes or people who are short-sighted.

As we’ve discussed, glaucoma results in a painful and irritating red eye and can also produce strange lighting effects in your field of vision. It’s important to note that severe glaucoma is a serious medical condition and assistance should be sought without delay given should the pressure build-up not be released, this can result in permanent blindness. Early and effective treatments will help prevent permanent damage and Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops tablets or in some cases with laser surgery.