Global Poverty and Corporate Social Responsibility

Financial aid saves million of lives every year. But there has to be more than aid to really solve the problem. Trade and investment are what is going to make a real different for the world poverty levels. Many businesses are not set up to give money away without a return on investment, but that is what it is going to take to make a real difference for the world. And right now big businesses are more powerful than many politicians.

One way for corporations to really make a difference is by working with their employees. Getting employees invested in their programs for global changes, outreach, or other humanitarian affairs will give these programs a much bigger boost than just from the executives alone. Many of the most powerful programs are from grass roots organization. There is something about the grass roots movements that can bring about big social change.

By picking a specific issue, like poverty, and setting up a corporate task force an organization can make really big changes. This will empower not only the people who would have the potential to be helped from outreach, but it will also empower the employees. When all of the people that are part of the task force get involved they will work hard to see it succeed.

The rates of investment from corporate to help poverty are impressive, but these companies need to be motivated to make these donations. One way for this to happen is for corporation to stop thinking of giving this money away as a donation, but rather an investment in the future of the company. If you business is able to help one poor family they will always remember that help. Once they get back on their feet they will be more loyal than any other customer. It would only take the top 10 business in the world to give one percent of their profits to raise over thirty billion pounds.

The same is true for employees and local people who get involved. When consumers and business people know that another business is generous and invested in making a difference in the wider world they are more likely take their business to that corporation. These people will stay loyal to that business.

It has been proven time and time again that people are willing to pay more for a product or a service when they feel the company matches their personal values. People who want to do things to make the world a better place will want to work with and for companies that have those same goals.

Global poverty is something that has long been an issue and the importance of corporate social responsibility has never been more important due to these issues.