Global Warming – Think Twice and Act Once

The sky is falling, oh my the sky is falling!

This was the infamous cry of Chicken Little, a foolish little hen, who after being hit on the head by an acorn ran about the countryside proclaiming that the sky was falling. Chicken Little had no evidence, did no investigation and made no attempt to verify her claim. Yet, she ran about telling anyone who would listen that the sky was falling and the world was coming to an end.

And you know what? They believed Chicken Little without any proof or evidence that she was right. But destruction did not come because the sky was falling; it came because they listened to Chicken Little without verifying her information.

Now you’re probably thinking, what does this silly story have to with us? Well, everything! Today the world is being misled by fear mongers who claim that the world will come to destruction if we don’t change our lifestyles.

Global warming alarmists, green Nazis and Al Gore would have you believe that the world is undergoing great temperature changes that will cause catastrophic events.

Al Gore in his book, “Inconvenient Truth”, claims that the earth’s temperature will rise to such proportions that the ice regions will melt, cities will flood and hurricanes will ravage the coastlines.

However, Al Gore offers no scientific evidence to support his claims. Oh, he wrote a book, made a movie and even won a Noble Peace Prize. But he did not supply any scientific evidence for his hypothesis.

Again you might say, “But, so many people seem to believe in Global Warming. It must be true.”

To this, I quote a favorite Chinese proverb, “If a thousand people say something stupid, it’s still stupid.”

Contrary to what Al Gore and the others would have you believe, scientists are not in agreement on the global warming issue. There is no scientific consensus and global warming is still a major debate among scientists.

Many scientists have uncovered evidences that refutes the claims of the alarmists and other scientists have shown that the “Inconvenient Truth” is actually a convenient lie.

Eleven mistakes have been pointed out in the “Inconvenient Truth” and although space prevents me from discussing all eleven. Let’s examine one of the major errors.

The “Inconvenient Truth” states that carbon dioxode is the driving force behind global warming and man is the main producer of carbon dioxode.The film would have you believe that increased carbon dioxode levels have caused temperatures to increase for thousands of years. But a close analysis of the data reveals that rises in temperature caused increased carbon dioxode not the other way around.

On top of that carbon dioxode isn’t even the most abundant greenhouse gas; water vapor is. Carbon dioxode is less than 1% of the atmosphere and out of this 1% only 3% is produced by man. The idea that carbon dioxode is a pollutant is just not true. As a matter of fact increased carbon dioxode could actually be quite beneficial to the environment.

The sky isn’t falling, the ice caps aren’t melting and hurricanes aren’t destroying our cities. But the global warming alarmists are hoping that you will not use common sense or question their policies. They are counting on you not to think.

But, I challenge you to heed the advice given to me by my father who in his attempt to make a carpenter out me always said, “Son, measure twice and cut once”. And as I entered into my teen years that advice evolved into “Think twice and act once”.

If we are to avoid being controlled and manipulated by fear mongers and alarmists we must think twice and act once.