Go Ape and Add Some Monkeyshines to Your Son’s New Nursery

Now that you’ve found out you’re going to have a boy, you can’t help but imagine just what he’ll be like. Naturally, all parents eagerly look forward to the time their children will crawl and walk, along with the first time they will start to talk. But many months before any of that happens, you will be watching for your little one’s very first smile and listening for his earliest giggles and laughter.

A sense of humor and the ability to enjoy a good laugh are vital assets throughout anyone’s life, and you can encourage this in your newborn boy by introducing warm and whimsical images into his initial surroundings. For example, how about decorating his brand new space with linens and accessories that feature delightfully funny cartoon-like animals? In fact, since we all know that monkeys are a barrel of fun, why not start him off right with some monkey baby bedding.

Monkeys are ideal nursery companions, with their big ears and their even bigger grins. Swinging through the trees by their long arms and curly tails, they are the perfect picture of carefree amusement. Bedding designers and manufacturers recognize this, and they offer a number of alternatives for those parents who want to use this motif. You can choose to use monkeys alone or you can pair them with their adorable jungle pals, like floppy eared elephants and laughably long-necked giraffes.

Keep in mind though that it’s a good idea not to get your heart set on a particular pattern before checking the items in that collection for several extremely important characteristics related to baby boy bedding. These include proper dimensions and durability, of course, but also ease of laundering and gentleness to the skin.

Crib bedding certainly sets the tone for an infant’s bedroom, since it is the primary focus of baby’s new space; but so much more is possible as you move on from there. You can select an exciting jungle mural from the sample books at the local paint and wallpaper store. You can hang lush rubber plants from hooks set into the ceiling, and you can use the decorative coverlet from baby’s sleep set as a striking wall hanging while he’s still in swaddling garb.

Before long, you’ll be reading to him about characters such as Curious George and telling him funny tales about mischief makers like Dr. Doolittle’s chimp friend Chee-Chee. And all of this amusing monkey business is sure to bring great big smiles to both of your faces.

Once you know the sex of your baby, it’s only natural that you will spend time day dreaming about his future. It is a universal feeling that every single parent looks forward to the days that their children crawl then walk then talk all by themselves! Remember, several months before that happens, you will be so excited when you see your little ones very first smile. You will hear their earliest giggles and laughter!

Crib set is the first thing to be considered by anyone mainly because it defines how the nursery will turn up to be. However, so many possibilities still exist once that has been decided. Neighborhood decorating outlets will be able to show you variations on a jungle theme in their ranges. Insert hooks into the ceiling that you can use to hang lavish rubber plants from. The cover of your infant’s bedding can also be used as a decoration on the wall until he is old enough to make use of it.