Go Au Natural With Your Make Up

Full on glamour with false lashes, bronzer and red lipstick might be perfect for some occasions, but its not really suitable for everyday wear. Most people tend to favour a natural look when it comes to their daily makeup regime, its quick and easy to apply, and can also look a lot more professional.

The aim is to make it look like youre not wearing any makeup at all, so people think that you naturally have blemish free skin. Its easy to achieve a natural look with your make up and heres some tips on how to get it right.

Skincare regime
The key thing to a natural look is ensuring your skin is in good condition and this is usually achieved by sticking to a daily skincare regime; exfoliate regularly (but not daily) to avoid spots and blemishes. Also keep your eyebrows tidy but not overly plucked and keep on top of them so you just tweeze as you need.

Natural skin
Its best to go for a light foundation for everyday wear, while one with sun protection will also help to prevent sun damage to your skin. Make sure you use a colour as close to your natural skin tone as possible to avoid makeup lines and apply with a make up sponge or your fingers. You could also go for a tinted moisturiser that is perfect for a natural look or you could even add moisturiser to your current foundation to create your own.

Simple cheeks
You wont usually need blusher if youre using a light base, but if you like a little extra colour on your cheeks then avoid shades that are too dark. Use some bronzer if you are olive skinned or peachy pink if you are paler. Apply using a large brush in sweeping motions to prevent the build up of colour and focus along the cheekbone.

Bright eyes
If you want the minimalist look then clear mascara will separate and define your lashes perfectly, while a dark brown for fair skinned and black mascara for dark skinned will also work. If you want to emphasise your eyes a little more add some soft eye pencil along the lashes at the outer corners of your eyes.

Basic lips
A lip balm or a tinted lip-gloss is perfect for everyday use and will also help to moisturise them. For a little touch of colour, blend a dab of colour with your lip balm, as lipstick is a bit too much for day-to-day wear. BOLA TANGKAS