Go Back to the Basics and Keep Your Dollar Store Thriving

One of the challenges faced by those running a dollar store is to remain focused on the strategic end of their business while dealing with the constant tug of the many operational tasks and responsibilities they must handle. Yet the level of success you have in maintaining a balance between your strategic and operational focus really dictates if you can keep your dollar store thriving or not. Get too focused on the strategic end of the business and the critical day-to-day tasks fall through the cracks. Get too focused on the tactical operation of your business and you can easily find your have lost your way to future success.

If you are running a dollar store and find you are having some trouble maintaining the right balance, then read on. In this article I focus on some of the most basic actions you can take to maintain leadership balance while keeping your dollar store thriving.

Schedule your time

This is not a time when you can afford to become tactical-only. Yet that is exactly the action taken by many who are running a dollar store. There is simply a bigger pull coming from for the daily duties and challenges of operating a successful store.

You must always keep an eye on the ever-changing marketplace. You must strategically manage so you recognize changes AND you can respond with solid actions. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by scheduling time to be tactical with operations and other times to be more strategic.

Establish a given day of the month for a complete review of the marketplace, your store’s performance, and other factors. Set your course adjustments if they are required, and then go make any new or changed actions happen for your business. Take a moment each week to review the previous week’s results against goals. If all is on-track, keep on going. If something is out of kilter, investigate and respond accordingly.

Develop checklists

Checklists can be a powerful yet very easy to use tool for those running a dollar store. Develop checklists for all the critical tasks associated with the day-to-day operation of your business. Use your checklists as a means to double check things are being done correctly, and all steps are in-fact being successfully completed.

Some simple examples might be a checklist for setting up and verifying cash registers each day, a checklist for opening at the beginning of the day or closing the store at the end of the day, and others. Each of your checklists is a means of insuring you keep your dollar store thriving.

Train and then delegate

With your checklists developed, you are ready to start handing off tasks to others. Always start by providing specific training to those involved. Train them exactly the way the tasks should be performed. Your checklist then becomes a tool to make sure each step is taken properly.

These three actions will work to help those running a dollar store to step away from some of the more routine tasks involved in the day-to-day operation of their store. There are many ot


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