Go For A Natural Look With Bonded Extensions- News

It may be really frustrating to wait for your hair to grow after you have a bad hair cut. The process can take from couple of months to an year depending on how short the hair cut is. You will be having limited styling options at that time. There are some options that help you in adding additional volume and length without waiting for the grow of your own hair. You can place hair extensions and can transform their look instantly. There are different types of extension techniques are available in the market, some of these techniques are more durable, and some may do harm to your existing hair.

One of the long lasting extension technique is Bonded hair extension. But there are some threats of potentially damaging the wearer’s existing natural hair in this technique. Bonded models come in small single sections and they are made of human hair. When we sewn in these extensions, it will cause the wearer’s hair to get braided in rows against the scalp. After that,a bonding solution is painted over the seam and because of this the natural hair and the extensions are fused together. In some special cases, a heated clamp is applied for melting the bonding solution for sealing it to the natural hair. Normally bonded extensions are placed as small sections in the wearer’s natural hair. They will look the most natural and will blend easily with the wearer’s natural hair. As these products come in small sections, they allow the users to add the precise amount of hair that a person requires. But when they are removed, they may cause damage to the wearer’s hair because of the bonding solution. It may cause split and breakage after the removal. For avoiding as much damage as possible, you can contact professional stylists who have experience in this bonding hair extension procedure. This will help in avoiding any mistakes that can cause hair damage. These experienced stylists will be aware of the right procedures that are followed to do a perfect bonding extension without any harm to the natural hair. BOLA TANGKAS