Go For No-Can You Close the Deal by Going For No?

What if rather of trying to get more yeses from your prospects you produced it the goal to go for no? If you believe this sounds counterintuitive, here’s some thing to feel about: the majority of salespeople are not carrying out that nicely when it comes to cash in their bank account. It’s only the select couple of that are producing the high commissions and collecting the large checks. What if the only “secret” these super sales men and women knew was that a “go for no” strategy was the essential to obtaining a lot more yeses? As tough to think as this sounds, it really is really pretty spot on….

Why Go for No Functions for Getting Sales

If you are in sales, you’re probably greater than you realize at dealing with flat out rejection, you just shrug it off and move on. Nonetheless, indirect rejection is a lot much more complicated and it sucks away a LOT Of your energy and your momentum. The far more time, power and hope you commit chasing right after the “want to consider about it,” “Get in touch with be back,” “require to talk to my wife, my buddy, my dad, my mom, seek advice from my horoscope” men and women, the significantly less motivated and confident you are going to be when you discover the actual buyers.

However, if you go for no, by pushing the procrastinators to “just say no” rather of blowing a bunch of smoke at you, they will typically give in to the stress and just be sincere. When this occurs, you get to their Genuine objection, and then you can deal with it. Either that, or you discover out that they are not really interested but they just did not have the steel in their backbone to inform you a direct “no.” Either way, you can then move on to the subsequent get in touch with or close the deal and get paid.

The problem is that too a lot of sales people are afraid to do this since they do not want to “drop the sale.” So they chase right after the prospect, agree to contact them back or give out their quantity in hopes that the consumer will get in touch with them back. Every single time you do this, you’re purchasing from the client instead of receiving them to acquire from you. You happen to be acquiring into the excuses that they are providing you for not getting from you.

So go for no, get to the actual objection and give your self a shot at overcoming it. Even if you don’t, you’ll have a lot more time and power to focus on the men and women who will finish up becoming your buyers.

Need to have More Sales? Go for No and You will Hear “Yes” Much more

Are you producing a fantastic presentation, constructing rapport and constructing worth and Nevertheless getting a “no go” with your prospects? If so, you may possibly be attempting As well tough to get the yes…time to go for no. As counterintuitive as this might look, it’s in fact a fantastic method for closing far more deals.

When you believe about it, it’s not hearing “no” which takes your momentum as a sales individual, it’s the “let me feel about it and the “I need to have to talk to (wife, pal, boss, doctor, dog and so on.)s” answers. Go for no and stop letting your prospects blow smoke, then you can get to the certified buyers prior to losing your momentum.