Go For the Perfect Looks With Lash Mascara

Mascaras are extremely popular amongst women. Many women prefer wearing it as a daily make up as well. In fact in many places, it is preferred over lipsticks as well for daily make up. We all understand that eyes are one of the most important features on your face and it needs to look good at all time. Whether or not they are behind glasses or glares, these need to be ready to look at the whole world with confidence. This is why, women consider eye make to be important.


Lash mascaras can mainly be of two types depending on its use. One is thickening mascara and the other is a lengthening one. The brushes that come along with these two types of mascaras are different. Lash mascara that is used to thicken or curl up your lashes more comes with a curling brush that is round in its appearance. The one that lengthens the overall length of the eyelashes have a comb like brush with it. Some brands have smartly come up with a brush that have both a comb and a curler that would serve both the purpose.


Like all make up products, mascara also comes in two major colours – one is black and the other is transparent. Usually the transparent ones are used for daily purpose to give a more natural look while black ones are meant for occasions. However, it depends on the personal choice how women would like to use these options.


There can be two types of mascara depending on its constitution. One can be without water or rather waterproof while the other would contain water. Waterproof ones stay on much longer and give a much better effect but it is more difficult to remove them since they do not get off with water. You need to rub them off extra hard which may damage your eye lashes as well. Hence it is advisable to use it only for occasions and not as a daily wear. These also are more expensive than ordinary mascara so can be used judiciously.


I generally prefer buying mascara from the online product range but always a branded one. Since it is so close to my eyes, I would rather use a superior quality product than purchasing a cheaper product and damaging my eyes. However, there are many new brands that have come into light these days whose products are equally good. To name a few, there are Soccro and Opera. Other famous brands are Avon, Maybelline, Max factor, Loreal, Revlon. Mascara would typically cost you something between $ 15 and $ 40 depending on the brand via online shops.


I find it much easier to just place my orders online. If you are going for a specific brand, the products are genuine and you get assured of good quality even though you have order them online. At least it save me from all the pain of driving down to the mall to buy these things. You just get the products delivered at your doorstep that too free of cost.