Go for the ruby engagement rings made of gold and platinum

When it comes to buying the ruby engagement rings, there are two options which come straight to the mind. These two particular options are the most popular. The options include ruby rings made of gold and platinum.

A lot of people are often seen confused when it comes to making a decision regarding the right type of rings between the two different options. To benefit such people, here is a look at the comparison featuring important details regarding the two.

For the comparison of the gold as well as the platinum ruby rings, one has to check out the various important factors:

•  The platinum metal is much stronger than the gold used to make the rings. When scratched a gold ring may lose some of its metal. In comparison if the platinum rings are scratched the rings do not lose any metal. The metal however is simply displaced. This is why it is said that the ruby rings made of platinum tend to last longer and are sturdier than the rings made of gold.

•  Often women prefer buying the ruby engagement rings made of gold because they get to choose two colors, the pure white gold and the beautiful yellow gold. When the women choose to buy the platinum rings, they can only go with the really bright shade of white.

•  A number of women complain that their gold rings have dulled down due to being worn on a daily basis. Even in the case of white gold rings, the women complain that the white layer gets degraded. On the other hand the yellow gold rings have to be cleaned on regular intervals so as to make sure that their bright appearance is maintained. In their comparison the platinum ruby rings are never found to be tarnished. They may have to be cleaned occasionally, so that the maintenance of the sparkle is done.

•  The platinum is a really durable metal and is hypoallergenic in nature too. This means that when a person wears the platinum ruby rings they do not cause him any type of allergy.

•  When it comes to the cost, the gold ruby rings are meant for people who want cheap ruby rings. This is because the cost of the gold rings is less than the cost of platinum. Being one of the rarest forms of metals it is extremely expensive. Hence these rings are much more costly than the gold ones