Go Get Yourself a Fashion Sense 2

Men and Fashion

A recent trend, especially in the U.S., is one that includes men taking charge of their closets.  The wives and even mothers are finding themselves with quite the independent shopper.  The fact is, men love fashion as much as women; the difference is they don’t typically have the patience for too much fashion nonsense.  They like it to be a smooth transition from one season to the next. Makes sense to us – we get it. With that thought in mind, here are a few of the great do’s and don’ts for this season – and the god news is, this winter, it’s all about those classic looks that are timeless, easy to wear and easy to maintain.

When’s the last time you’ve shopped for and bought men’s designer jeans? It’s time if you haven’t shopped for men’s jeans in the past twelve weeks.  Those lighter denims should be replaced with the more grown-up look of darker denim.  That’s not to say, however, that you should forego the pre-wash look many designers run with, it’s those acid-washed and overly aged jeans that shouldn’t be on your radar this fall.  Navy denim and even those great inky black denim choices is where your attention should be.

Speaking of avoiding a “washed out” look, be sure your theme is consistent.  Those old sweaters that feel so great and are almost as old as you?  Don’t let them see the light of day past your front door!  Drab’s out, gentlemen.  Opt for the bold and courageous colors of the season.

We say, yell, scream from the rooftops and otherwise reiterate this every season, and every season, there’s some sadly misguided attempt by some random designer to bring those shapeless jackets and coats to the forefront of men’s designer fashions.  It doesn’t work.  Never has and never will!  Choose wisely – pick those quality designer jackets that provide a great fit and offer clean lines.  Otherwise, you risk looking lazy.  A final note on shapeless jackets – don’t forget tip #2 – avoid that “washed out” look here too.

Finally, there are some really great new looks in men’s casual shoes this year.  Take advantage of the creativity we’re seeing from such brands as Voi.  Their revved up tennis shoes are definitely can’t miss!

And there you have it – now you’ve got yourself a fashion sense!