Go Green and Beautiful with Solar Fountains

The benefits and limitations of solar energy are known to all and when this solar power is used by solar fountains, it becomes a perfect combination of preserving nature and beautifying nature. Fountains add elegance and beauty to their surroundings. Whether in your garden, backyard or in your room, it gives a soothing effect to our eyes and ears. The trickling sound and lovely visuals offered by the flowing water enhances the peace and tranquillity of the environment. They come in a huge variety of designs, styles and sizes and hence catering the needs of different individuals.

A solar panel is the main unit of any product which works on solar energy. The photovoltaic cells are made of silicon and are arranged on the surface of the panel. The panel utilizes the Sun’s energy and produces the same electricity that used to run other electrical appliances in our homes. In Solar fountains this panel is seamlessly built inside the fountain. But if your fountain is meant for indoor purposes or you want to keep it under shade, the solar panel is located away from the fountain (usually with the limit of 10 feet) and under the direct heat of the Sun. A Solar fountain keeps us away from the hassles of electrical wires and power lines.  The solar pump is essential for the functioning of the fountain and uses solar batteries to operate the fountain. These batteries also come with a power pack and allow your fountains to work even at night and during cloudy days.

A beautiful woman or a fairy standing or a face of a lion or two beautiful birds sitting on a well or water flowing from the mouth of a frog in a rocky fountain- Solar birdbath fountains come in attractive designs which are a sculpture in themselves. The birds attracted by the birdbath fountain will add more beauty to your surroundings. Duo cascading fountains and four- tier cascading fountains are very popular giving an aesthetic appeal to your environment. A tabletop fountain is ideal for people who don’t want to occupy much space with the fountain. Beautiful solar pond fountains come in beautiful designs like a floating lily pad. Pond fountains require some extra maintenance as algae has to be cleaned regularly. Floating fountains are also very common in ponds and parks.

Solar fountains save us from paying electricity bills and preserve our natural and non- renewable sources. These fountains come is wide range of styles and designs that it will make selection of a fountain difficult. They are a great way to make your landscape beautiful and free from any pollution. Solar fountains have all the same advantages of any other traditional electric fountain. The advantages of a solar fountain have overshadowed its drawbacks. Many people today prefer a solar fountain for their homes. It is simply a harmonious complement to your beautiful landscape and environment. The relaxing sound of the water and beautifully crafted designs will offer hours of viewing and listening.

Pokemon GO HACK! | Hatch Eggs Without Walking

Pokemon Go HACK!. Hatch eggs and get medals without actually having to walk. Because you’re a lazy a piece of shit!
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This is all for fun of course. Pokemon GO is newest craze infecting the youth (as well as adult children). Many aspects of the game rely directly on the user having to walk distances to unlock rewards and get hatch Poké Eggs. But fuck all that, I figured out how to trick the GPS into thinking that you are walking without having to. The “Fake Location” apps are all scams, but THIS is 100% effective. Anyways, I know this is a stupid video unlike all my others, but I wanted to make it. CATCH EM ALL!

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