Go Green Card With Green M-cards

The history of letter writing goes back to the time when people first wrote with pen and pencil, and most important mail. It along with sending notes of greeting and also greeting cards is traditionally done on a piece of paper or card stock. Most of the card stock and paper used was made from old cotton rags and linen rags. Of course they ran out of these and needed a new source so they turned to trees for their fibers which they made into paper. Until the telegraph was invented in the eighteen hundreds people used to write letters. Of course then along came the telephone and people could then call each other to talk. And as things progressed there came computers and then the internet where people began to send emails then e-cards from computer to computer.

Today this has progressed from computers to m-cards or the green card which uses no fiber at all for the card. It makes no difference whether the fiber is animal or vegetable or if the growth of trees is renewable or re-grown, a green card only uses computer technology for delivery. A green card is sent by your mobile phone or computer to another mobile phone and is received instantly. Now some of the card stock for greeting cards is tree- free so in fact these greetings cards could also be called a green card but mostly green cards are those that use no fiber from any source. You could get technical that a computer or mobile phone uses energy and yes they do but a computer or mobile phone has so many uses that they are not just used for sending greeting cards.

So you can go green and begin sending those m-cards from your mobile phone. Technology has changed so much over the past few decades that it is almost hard to believe. When e-cards first came out they had to be processed into a format before they could be sent. This is the same today with m-cards but the technology is so advanced that this formatting takes place almost instantly so your card that is sent can really be considered green. They are very eco friendly. The can be posted to a facebook page or directly to another mobile. Your message is there almost instantly and the person getting the greeting card can read it and smile or laugh or read an inspirational greeting and it will make their day. One thing about m-cards though is that they are rather transient because so much data is deleted from mobile phones or from the computer history that new cards have to be sent on a regular basis.

These virtual e-cards or m-cards can be animated now because the technology has improved from the sms or short message service to the mms which is the multimedia message service and therefore the mobile phones are capable of sending lengthy animations or even videos with audio attached. BOLA TANGKAS