Go Green Your Own Way Even Small Acts Can Make a Huge Difference

Going green in as many ways as possible is really the need of the hour. Years of misuse of our environment and natural resources without being conscious of the adverse consequences, have ruined our nature and depleted natural resources to alarming levels. Going green is easy. All you need to do is don your creative cap and have a steely resolve to do something for Mother Nature.

There are many things that we do in our routine life, which if we do differently can make a huge difference. For instance, we can change all our home and office bulbs to fluorescent bulbs. If every household and office does this, it can make a colossal difference to the amount of electricity that we use up every day.Similarly, recycling papers that have been printed incorrectly or using documents that you no longer need can save enough paper for your office annually. It automatically means fewer trees cut for making fresh paper.

Not everyone can buy a brand new fuel efficient car or install expensive solar cells on the terrace or roofs. Yet, most of us do feel responsible for the current state of our environment and want to reduce our footprint. Simple, creative tasks in our daily routine can contribute to improving our environment in the long run.

Saying no to plastic plates and utensils is a good way to start contributing to nature. Though they may be convenient they are not biodegradable, which means they are harmful to nature. Using reusable items can help you contribute to the cause of protecting nature in your own small way.

This one can be tough but eminently doable. Reading newspaper online can be a difficult thing to accept, especially for someone who has spent all the mornings of their life with a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Make a small sacrifice and use the computer to browse the latest headlines.

Reusing grocery bags is not really stylish but can make a huge impact not only to the cause of environment but also to your wallet. In fact, there are some stores that offer small discounts to customers who bring back the shopping bags.

The tasks mentioned here may seem simple and inconsequential. But there are many countries, states and neighborhoods where they have made a start with such simple methods and have gone on to make a huge difference in preventing the abuse of nature and protecting our environment.