Go Off-road – The Best Bikes For Adrenaline Junkies

If you have a sense of adventure and love the outdoors, a commuter or road bike may not be for you. There’s a wide variety of bikes out there that are perfect for those seeking that extra bit of fun, or for the more adventurous, bikes that are ideal for tricks and stunts.

Mountain bikes – get off the beaten track

Mountain bikes, as the name suggests, are designed for rugged terrain. They are perfect for those who enjoy riding off-road in the country. They have wide tyres and extra tread to give better traction on dirt trails, and also have great shock absorption for bumps along the way.

There are two different types of mountain bike:

Hard tail mountain bikes

*Have suspension at the front end of the bike
*Extra control over rough terrain
*Stiff frame making it easier to control and pedal

Full suspension mountain bikes

*Have suspension at the front and back
*Perfect for downhill riding or rocky terrain
*Absorb more impact to take the strain off arms and legs
*Ideally suited for more extreme riding

There are mountain bikes to suit all shapes, ages and sizes, so they can be fun for all the family.

BMX bikes – the ultimate for tricks and stunts

For thrill seekers, BMX bikes offer the ultimate experience. They are great for practicing tricks or just looking cool on the street.

The two main types of BMX bike include:

BMX Racing Bikes

*Designed for racing on tough terrain like sand or hills
*Aluminium frames
*Lighter, built for speed and more responsive

BMX Freestyle Bikes

*Built for tricks and stunts on ramps, flat ground or obstacles
*Often made of high-tensile steel for strength
*Can have extra features such as stunt pegs

BMX bikes can be ridden from the age of eight upwards and come in a range of designs.

Be safe not sorry

Safety is paramount when riding off-road and practicing stunts. Make sure your bike is built properly so you can really put it through its paces – some retailers will build it for you for extra peace of mind. The best stores will also offer excellent after sales service, such as checking your bike after a few weeks to ensure it’s performing at its best.

It’s also worth investing in some safety gear such as helmets and gloves, sold by most bike retailers. Whether it’s ramps or mountains you’ll be taking on, having the right bike and kit will ensure you can enjoy some action-packed adventures. BOLA TANGKAS