Go On Indian Wedding Tours To Experience Great Indian Royal Wedding

Weddings in India are cultural and social extravaganza. In cities, it is an occasion for the entire household – for the cousins, second cousins, third cousins and their relatives to come together and bless the couple, while in villages it is time for the entire community or the entire village to have a grand feast. Both rural and urban Indian weddings have their own attractions. Whether it’s a simple affair in a village or a celebrity wedding in a metro city, Indian weddings are always royal and look exotic to the eyes of the foreigners. Indian Wedding Tours capitalize on the colorfulness, grandeur, religious customs, and interesting rituals that have kept Indian wedding ceremonies alive and kicking for thousands of years.

Several grand ceremonies that take place over several days comprise Indian weddings. Guests attending each of these ceremonies can range anywhere between 10 to 1000! It might be surprising for the independent Westerners to know that most of the Indian weddings are ‘arranged’ to this day, which means that couples play no or very little part in getting to choose their life partners. Instead, their parents or the elders of the family decide who will marry whom. Most of the decisions are taken on the basis of the religion and community to which bride and groom belongs, the status of his or her family, and then only the beauty and qualifications of the individual are taken into consideration. The trend of inter-community and inter-religious love marriages is picking up but most of these whistle blowers are well educated and belong to more cosmopolitan cities.

India is a land of many religions and states. Though Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, Bengali, Tamilian, and Northeastern weddings do have some of the wedding customs that are common, they offer an interesting variety too. The local, religious and family traditions come into play to make an Indian wedding truly successful. So, if you opt for Indian Wedding Tours, you may either choose to be a part of different types of weddings or you can actually indulge yourself in once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of marrying your beloved like a Prince or Princess in one of the grand palaces of India. For those who want to have a firsthand experience of Indian Royal Wedding, there are two main choices:

– Destination Weddings: Indian Destination Wedding offer you a variety of venues – right from paradisiacal tropical beaches to unmanned islands to luxury cruises, grand temples and historical palaces. Such weddings not only offer you exotic picture-perfect locations but also experience you and your guests will never forget.

– Royal Weddings: No one can ever forget a fairytale Royal Indian Wedding in Rajasthan! Whether you get married in the romantic Lake Palace of Udaipur or one of its other three grand palaces (Shiv Niwas Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, and Devigarh Palace) or perhaps, in one of the other grand palace heritage hotels of the royal cities of the desert state – Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer, the lavishness of the venue, the warm hospitality of the turbaned attendants, and the beautiful Indian wedding jewellery that you get to wear is something you will never ever forget.

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