Go Organic! The Best Foods To Lose Weight

Switching to organic food is one of the smartest choices when youre choosing the best foods to lose weight, while improving your overall health. Why? Organic foods are grown or raised without the use of chemically made pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Organic foods are natural foods grown without an excess of unnatural pesticides or fertilizers, just as they were meant to be.

The Truth About Produce

Remember the old saying, An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,? The apple continues to be one of the best foods to lose weight. Unfortunately, that apple may not be as healthy as it once was.

In the book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy written by Paul Check, he shares the chemicals found in the conventionally grown apple, an all American seemingly healthy. Check found the following chemicals in a typical non-organic apple:

Chlorpyrifos this chemical is an endocrine disruptor that impairs immune response, causes reproductive abnormalities, and damages a developing nervous system.
Captan: this chemical is a carcinogen that causes genetic and immune system damage.
Iprodione: also a chemical considered a carcinogen.
Vinclozolin: this chemical is a carcinogen as well as a genetic, endocrine, and reproductive disruptor that also causes dermatitis.

Organic Meat, Poultry, and Eggs

The decision to go organic when eating healthy to lose weight is an important one. The old saying, You are what you eat, holds true here. Think about it. The animal that becomes your meal and is served at your dinner table is only as good and as healthy as the food it was fed. This is the same for you, as you are only as healthy as the food YOU eat.

Free range cattle grazing in the wild eat grass, but commercially raised catted are fed very low quality grains designed to make them fat. These cattle routinely become ill and require antibiotics. If you dine on commercially raised livestock, there is an almost 100% chance you ingest these antibiotics on a regular basis!

To make the antibiotic situation even worse, chickens and pigs are fed a regular supply of antibiotics and growth hormones to speed their growth and protect them from disease. For this reason alone you should consider purchasing only free-range chicken and pork.

Why Eat Organic?

If youre eating healthy to lose weight, it only makes sense that choosing the best possible foods will give you a great advantage in reaching your goals. If youre buying and eating commercially produced foods laden with toxins, these chemicals and toxins will overwhelm your liver. A liver that is bogged down with these toxins will become clogged, which makes losing weight very hard.

Is Organic Worth the Money?

The most common concern about buying organic food is the cost. Its important to ask yourself if you overall health is worth the money? When you begin to study and understand the effect chemically processed, unnatural food has on your body and disease processes, the choice is easy. The more toxins and chemicals we are exposed to, the worse our overall health is.

Think about the cost incurred when being treated by medical professionals for a disease process found in your body. Would you complain about the cost for treatment? If you switch to natural organic foods you have a much better chance of staying healthy and losing weight. In addition, its typical that the extra cost for organic foods will not add much to your food budget as youll likely be spending less on packaged and processed foods, which are very expensive.