Go Retro Luscious — Get Trendy In Retro Style!

Remembering the 70’s era, the first thing that comes to mind is men’s wear. Home decor and furnishing of any modular house was a big hit of that time. Honestly, men’s retro style is never outdated. It is one style where you feel far out and tripping. Those funky disco shirts, leisure suits and vibrant polyester disco pants were always a treat to watch. All thanks to the retro era, people living in average modular homes now have a dressing sense.

For a lot of you guys, showing up in every get together in formal clothing is no fun. It gets so freaking boring. Get a break, change your attire. The next time you show up in a party, dress up in retro style. Just by doing that, you can make the event a lasting memory.

Often, people get confused between retro and vintage style. Retro is mainly the post 60’s style, whereas, vintage is pre 60’s. When you plan to dress like that, choosing the right piece for your wardrobe can be a bit of a task. However, it is worth taking some time when you are adding style with every item you purchase.

Although retro is a whole world of style, you still need to keep up with the latest trends. This way, you will be able to update your look while adding style at the same time. Those skinny pair of jeans in dark wash is awesome for the fall. How about adding a nostalgic touch with 80’s style throwback? Also the classic British-inspired hat will go well with your trendy jacket.

Besides, a retro bike jacket only tends to get better with age. You would not find anything like a conditioned aged jacket. This leather is slightly pricy but worth the investment of a lifetime. If you are a collector then try retro style jackets from the 60’s or 80’s for a similar silhouette.

Another fabulous piece that is never out of trend is denim. The fabric goes well with jackets, shirts or even jeans. From the past four decades, denim has been a clear winner because it lasts a long time and you will end up with good quality material that complements your retro style.

Mention of retro style is incomplete without cowboy boots or the 70’s trainers. They make a great retro buy. It is hard to find them with the same retro style detailing but your best bargain is the filigree, cut-out styles. They are superior in style and make a comfortable wear. As for trainers, you have the freedom to pick bright colors and cool designs.

A retro style can be greatly accented with the right accessories. Again, it is hard to find the same old style anymore; you will still come across some pieces that can really complement your retro style.

As for the shopping spree, you need to be careful while buying clothes and accessories. Do not be tempted to purchase fake replicas. The item you purchase should have the retro style and must perfectly match your taste. Once you feel good, looking good comes naturally.