Go The Extra Yard With Personalised Gifts For Gardeners

Gifts for everyone should be something that they want and gifts for gardeners are all the more loved and personal if they are related to their green fingers. Go one better and give them something personalised to brighten their day.

What gardener doesn’t appreciate the gift of plants? It might seem a little obvious, but it will be the most appreciated. While traditional plants like roses, begonia, or primrose violets are always great choices, you can also opt for plants that are more unusual, like orchids, or bonsai trees. Finding out what their favourite plants are will be a sure way of getting them something they’ll love. Decorating the plants in pots to their taste, or to suit their homes is the ideal addition to a potted plant and adding a bow or other wrapping can be a nice touch.

Creating a personal gardening gift basket is a lovely way of personalising gifts for gardeners. Gardeners are always looking for containers to put something in, whether it’s a plant, cut flowers, a vegetable harvest, seed packets and bulbs, tools and more. With the right choice of container, whatever you put inside it, you will already have created the perfect gift for gardeners. There are two obvious choices when it comes to deciding on containers for those gifts for gardeners – a garden tote or tool belt to carry around, or a container that remains static to put in the shed or plant into. A personalised container will make the gift even more special.

Put together your own personalised container garden rather than giving cut flowers. Plants rather than just flowers are something that will last and grow and will give them something to nurture. Personalised contained gardens are fantastic gifts for gardeners because they can be used indoors or out, on balconies or patios. You can choose containers that will suit their home or garden, or that are decorated to their tastes. You can choose plants that they will like, or perhaps choose colours for the theme of the occasion, like white and pink for a wedding, or red and green for Christmas. Ornamental pieces for the garden that double up as a contained garden will be a thoughtful present for anyone who is a little green fingered.

Gardeners always want something practical and you can give them things with that extra special touch. Tools are always brilliant practical gifts for gardeners. They will often need new tools and there are lots of different designer gardening tools around. Some fashionable designer decorated tools to garden with will be a great gift for a female gardener. Gardeners are outdoors in all weathers, so things to wear whilst gardening are great as gifts for gardeners – mud boots are a necessity, as is a sun hat, as well as warmer waterproof clothes for the colder months.

Something to carry their tools around in is always a handy item for gardeners as well as a much appreciated one. It is also a great way of creating a more personal and interesting gift by stashing other treats in. Hand gloves and hand lotion, a gardening fork, trowel and pruning shears could be tucked neatly into pockets in a tool belt or tote bag. Gardening takes knowledge, about plants and seasons; knowing when to trim, when to prune and plant out. A calendar or pad will give them somewhere to write down their personal notes, ideas and plans and will fit nicely into a goody bag. For gardeners without a shed or who carry their gardening tools distances, a larger tote bag will hold all these goodies and more and you can even put a larger gift into the bag itself, such as an ornament for the garden or an item of clothing or footwear.

It is a great hobby to theme gifts around, with a wealth of different items and ideas to keep them nurturing their passion for plants. From grow-your-own seed packets, to garden accessories, to calendars and cards for every occasion, you can personalise your gifts for gardeners and make them that extra bit special. Add their name to their gift, or pick images of garden-themed objects and scenes. Nothing says thank you, or sorry, or I love you like flowers. So if your gift is for gardeners, tell them that you are thinking of them with something that will bloom. Think about what sort of things they like- what spaces they have in their home and garden, what colours and plants they especially like and try and use your knowledge of them to make whatever gardening gift you find a personal and thoughtful one. BOLA TANGKAS