Go To Alex For A Treasure Of A Spot Along The Sunshine Coast

The fantastic coastal community known as Alexandra Headland, or Alex as the locals call it, is a wonderful place to stay during a Sunshine Coast visit. It’s location is a region called the Sunshine Strip due to it being in the space between the towns of Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. There is an extremely laid back vibe to the town which makes it a great place and one of the main reasons people come here for holiday.

Beach activities are of course some of the most popular activities in Alex mostly because the beaches are so lovely and the weather is wonderful all year round. As a result you will find that for the most part surfing, swimming, and snorkeling are just some area favorites. If you don’t love the beach then Alexandra Headland is definitely not the place for you as most of the activities are for those who love the sand and surf.

As a place to stay the Alexandra Headland is a premier location for tourists because the accommodations are some of the best in the Sunshine Coast area. For the travelers who relish a bit of seclusion in their getaway and the laid back feeling, Alex is going to offer the best places for that. Although it feels secluded Alex is only an hour away from the big city bustle of Brisbane, and if you have a rented car then it’s easy to go into the city for great adventure and nightlife while staying in this fantastic beach resort location.

During your stay in the Alexandra Headland region there is plenty of access to all types of transportation to enable you to navigate around the Sunshine Coast easily. There are busses for you to ride or there is a coach service, or you can travel via train to Brisbane if that sounds good. Alexandra Headlands nearest airport is the Sunshine Coast Airport in Maroochydore, but the majority of people fly into Brisbane and then take a drive out to this fanastic beach community.

Alex is one of the best places to stay on the Sunshine Coast for many reasons. With plenty of things to do and plenty of rest and relaxation it is the perfect holiday location and it is so centrally located that you can very easily take in all the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane attractions as well. There are definitely many reasons to choose Alexandra Headland accommodations for your next Aussie holiday.